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The Occultist class in Revelation Online is a hybrid DPS/Healer class.

This class can deal major damage but also has the potential to be a strong healer.

The soul swap ability allows you to switch between light and dark mode on the go changing every one of your skills and giving them new effects. The Occultist is definitely one of the hardest classes to master if you plan on taking advantage of both of it's playstyles.

Watch my latest class overview video as we take a deeper look at the Occultist.

The correct name for the skills coming to the NA/EU version:

魂域   Grasping Spirits
一念成神   Archon of Light
一念堕魔   Archon of Darkness
死神过境   Dance of Death
极光之触   Bonds of Light
衍光   Light Bringer
寂灭   Dark Warden
魂珠   Demon's Rancor
魂击   Hellfire Claw
魂爆   Creeping Pain
魂镜   Occultist's Gift
轮回之门   Gate of Atrophy
追魂之魄   Necrotic Orb
灵魂之禁   Demon Shackle
幽夜暗握   Demon's Touch
引魂离殇   Siphoning Spirits
涅槃之穹   Cunning Transference
蓝钢·狱牙   Arcane Confinement

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