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Traps, mechanical minions, a giant mech and tons of guns.. The Gunslinger class overview is finally here!!

This is my 6th and last class overview. There is a 7th class planned to release around the end of the year and if thats true.. I guess i'll have to make one more :P

The Gunslinger art was designed by my artist 7ICE. Here is her portfolio.

The skill names and effect were translated by Laufie

The skills will have different names for the NA/EU versions. Here are some of the confirmed names we have for the western version of the game.

(No specific order, sorry guys)

  • 花灵吐蕊 Radiant Whirlwind
  • 莲华·千叶舞 Life Flow
  • 灵猿·啸空山 Pummeling Yeti
  • 鹰翼击 Eagle Strike
  • 巧语 Fauna
  • 花言 Flora
  • 魂气 Atrophy
  • 灵气 Flourish
  • 春风 Essence of Spring
  • 蛇缠藤 Serpent Snare
  • 月落甘霖 Nature's Balm
  • 花游风间 Faerie's Touch
  • 灵击 Spirit Bells
  • 青鸟 Spectral Magpie
  • 飞萤 Firefly Hex

As always if you find that some information needs to be added or corrected please add it in the comment section or make a text document and i'll gladly attach it to the video.

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