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Nexon has revealed the games they will be covering for this years G-Star. 

Last year we got to see an early build of Peria Chronicles. For those of us who have been waiting for this game, it was very exciting to see.

Since then, we have not heard much about the game but their facebook is constantly being updated with monster art and loading screen images.

With Peria Chronicles not being on the list of games for Nexon to show this year, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing it at all in 2017.

We're already in August and have seen no further development since the last gameplay at G-Star so it's safe to say this game won't be coming until at least 2018. Without any new gameplay, an alpha or beta this year is unlikely. 

It is a bit strange though that their facebook page keeps teasing us with loading screen images. Makes me wonder if they will show it at G-Star but as a surprise.. or that maybe we will get some type of gameplay soon. 

With the mobile market being Nexon's main focus at the moment, I hope they don't scrap Peria.

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