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So I gave Kritika a go for three hours last night. I didn't expect much. Thought the game would be boring and repetitive due to being outdated and a 'choose your hero' type of game. To my surprise, the game was pretty fun. At first, everything feels a bit too easy.. killing bosses in one combo and clearing dungeons in around a minute or two. So, I decided to up the difficulty to INSANE hoping it would be more of a challenge. Nope.. 

However, once I got about 2 hours into the game, brought a party and then ran the missions on INSANE the challenge revealed itself.

The combat is amazing, the graphics are outdated but it's expected since the game is older and anime themed. I'm sure the dungeons/missions will become extremely repetitive once it becomes a farming for gear simulator but early on it has been pretty enjoyable. 

This first impressions video is an actual first impression. My first three hours spent in Kritika Online edited down into around 20 minutes. 

This is all footage from my livestream so you can expect to hear a little talking and responding to my chat. There is also a lot of cursing and joking around, just a warning. Enjoy.

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