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After spending a little over an hour in Dark & Light, I wanted to discuss the recent negativity surrounding the game.

My first impressions were not the greatest.. however, it doesn't mean the game deserves a negative review. Especially after spending less than 2 hours in the game. 

One thing you'll notice while looking through the Steam reviews is that 90% of the negative reviews were from players who played less than 2 hours on record. One day after release the game has went from 'mostly negative' reviews to 'mixed'. How? Well, with a ton of new positive reviews that's how. Where did all these positive reviews come from? Did people change their minds?

No.. they just spent a few more hours in the game. These positive reviews were mostly from people who have spent around 5 hours or more in the game. In only 2 hours there is no way you could have explored Dark and Light enough to give the game a review. Sure, some games can be played in full in 2 hours but in this case, not even 25% of the game can be explored. Are long loading screens, laggy servers, and a low frame rate really a reason to shade the game this early? Of course, some believe so.. but even as someone who had a negative review, I knew that the view of the game would be much different for those who put a bit more time into it and the reviews go to show that. 

I hope Dark and Light continues to roll out updates and Snail Games better optimizes it. Maybe then I'll return. 

Here is a video discussing this in a bit more detail. 

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