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Citadel: Forged with Fire recently held it's beta and could be accessed by everyone via steam.

There were TONS of servers with each server being capped at 40. This confirms that this game is not as massively multiplayer as the typical MMORPG but works more like a survival game ex. ARK and the newly released EA Dark & Light.

Character creation was very simple. Didn't notice any detailed options but did notice that you can choose all the colors of the rainbow when it comes to skin. Thats a perk to me lol! The game also ran EXTREMELY smooth. I only had a few problems when making quick turns but after turning off the motion blur it was no longer a problem.

The graphics are beautiful, the combat is impactful, animations are pretty/badass, music fits the atmosphere and my overall experience was great. 

I don't really have any major complaints. The AI could use a little work though. After taming pets, they wouldn't follow me past the lake (they should have went around). My friend also got stuck on top of a rock and had to relog. The servers were also laggy but maybe you'll be able to host your own with a provider in the future.

In this video you can see us explore the different features of Citadel such as crafting, building, PvP, PvE, taming and more. 

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