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Albion Online - Tons of changes & New Content

Albion Online finally has a release date, July 17th. 

It also received a very big update (not in file size lol) that has changed and added so much to the game it's a bit overwhelming.

Faction bases that spawn daily and weekly bosses that will be contested by many guilds. World bosses, expedition quest that can be done solo or in groups. New skills, changes to the current skill system, more added to the destiny board and a better looking UI.

The world map has also been redone making it easier to find things and giving the world a more immersive feel.

Guild vs Guild and open world PvP will now be more balanced and...

well, if ya need more information, have a look HERE or watch the video.

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NieR: Automata X Phantasy Star Online 2 Collab Revealed

Phantasy Star Online 2 is still going strong after all these years. Constant updates and collaborations, this time, PSO2 collabs with NieR: Automata. New costumes, hairstyles, weapon skins and more will be available through AC scratches some time in March.

Along with the NieR collab reveal, they also showed us other updates coming to PSO2, including a new boss.

Here are some pictures of the NieR items and upcoming boss.

Ever since hearing about the collab, I've been pretty excited. In the video below is my live reaction to the new content discussed in this article.

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ArcheAge 3.1 Expansion 'The Beginning' Update

On January 19th in Korea, the ArcheAge 3.1 'The Beginning' expansion will go live.

This expansion brings new zones, new bosses, raids, new dailies to obtain honor and introduces the new Successor level system.

Successor levels allow players to unlock new abilities and grind for something past level 55. These are not new levels but work more like prestige. This new update also shows a whale on a dock.. so could we see whale hunting in the 3.1 update as well!?

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Revelation Online Assassin Class - Early Leveling, Combat & New Zone

The day the Assassin class went live on the CN client for Revelation Online, I gave it a try.

My first impressions are pretty good, but I find it a bit odd that you can only choose a loli as the female preset. From the Assassin trailer they showed off a male and female, both of them looking mature and badass. So.. it was a bit odd. Maybe they will add more presets and body types later. 

The early skills are amazing. 10 minutes into the assassin and you already have cooler looking skills than most of the other classes. I ran the first solo dungeon and ended up in a new questing zone. I believe this update came with new zones for every class. Netease continues to bring new and amazing content to Revelation Online (CN) which means we will get it as well. I think we should get the assassin class shortly after OBT if not at launch of OBT.

You can check out this video made from a past broadcast over on my Twitch to see the Assassin in action. 

I also want to make a correction,

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Gaming News - Revelation Graphics Update, Bless Online, Peria Chronicles and more!

Revelation Online could be getting a new graphics engine next year. Peria Chronicles interview reveals many concerns the players had after playing the floor demo at G-star 2016. Bless Online was rumored to be canceled but NOPE, it's still coming. The new combat system is in the works now. 

Watch the video for more gaming news.

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Soul Worker First Impressions & Early Game Review

Soul Worker is a third person instance-based hack 'n' slash MMORPG. It's like a cel-shaded anime themed Vindictus.
The combat is amazing and the game is pretty fun. Even more with friends. Here are my first impressions.

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Revelation Online - Gunslinger Class Overview

Traps, mechanical minions, a giant mech and tons of guns.. The Gunslinger class overview is finally here!!

This is my 6th and last class overview. There is a 7th class planned to release around the end of the year and if thats true.. I guess i'll have to make one more

The Gunslinger art was designed by my artist 7ICE. Here is her portfolio.

The skill names and effect were translated by Laufie

The skills will have different names for the NA/EU versions. Here are some of the confirmed names we have for the western version of the game.

(No specific order, sorry guys)

  • 花灵吐蕊 Radiant Whirlwind
  • 莲华·千叶舞 Life Flow
  • 灵猿·啸空山 Pummeling Yeti
  • 鹰翼击 Eagle Strike
  • 巧语 Fauna
  • 花言 Flora
  • 魂气 Atrophy
  • 灵气 Flourish
  • 春风 Essence of Spring
  • 蛇缠藤 Serpent Snare
  • 月落甘霖 Nature's Balm
  • 花游风间 Faerie's Touch
  • 灵击 Spirit Bells
  • 青鸟 Spectral Magpie
  • 飞萤 Firefly Hex

As always if you find that some information needs to be added or corrected please add it in the comment section or make a text document and i'll gladl

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Cryy's Top 10 MMORPGs 2016-2017

Here is my top 10 MMORPG list for games that have released in the west sometime this year or COULD be releasing in the west sometime

in 2016/2017. These are the games I am most hyped for! Remember though, it's just my opinion and hopefully you guys learn something

about the games mentioned in this list. For number 2, unfortunately it looks like its no longer being developed as Nexon showed a list

of upcoming games they were working on and number 2 was nowhere to be found :( 

What MMOs are you guys looking forward to?

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Revelation Online Vanguard Class Overview

My 4th overview is here. This time we cover the Vanguard.

Hopefully this helps you get a general idea of how the Vanguard works and whether or not it's the class for you.

If you have a ton of experience with the Vanguard and would like to add or correct any information in this video please add the corrections in the comment section of this thread or

vid and I will update the video as needed.

Shoutout to Tiska for helping me out with this guide!


Chinese > Eng Skill Translations by My.com

(these are in no particular order but if you would like to search up the skill and match it with the icon you can do so here http://db.play.163.com/tianyu/ )

奔雷·冲 Blazing Charge

雷神·千裂破 Smite 锁·擒魔 Holy Vortex 雷神·绝对守护 Shield Storm雷钧 Lightning Aura 猛击 Heroic Strike 旋斩 Conqueror's Sweep 扫荡 Tornado Sweep 龙握·翼 Dragon’s Grasp 定军 Crippling Bolt 降世 Heroic Leap 啸天·翼 Iron Resolve 铁血 Vanguard's Blessing霸·罡体 Indomitable Will飞雷·断 Sundering Steel

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Revelation Online - Occultist Class Overview

The Occultist class in Revelation Online is a hybrid DPS/Healer class.

This class can deal major damage but also has the potential to be a strong healer.

The soul swap ability allows you to switch between light and dark mode on the go changing every one of your skills and giving them new effects. The Occultist is definitely one of the hardest classes to master if you plan on taking advantage of both of it's playstyles.

Watch my latest class overview video as we take a deeper look at the Occultist.

The correct name for the skills coming to the NA/EU version:

魂域    Grasping Spirits
一念成神    Archon of Light
一念堕魔    Archon of Darkness
死神过境    Dance of Death
极光之触    Bonds of Light
衍光    Light Bringer
寂灭    Dark Warden
魂珠    Demon's Rancor
魂击    Hellfire Claw
魂爆    Creeping Pain
魂镜    Occultist's Gift
轮回之门    Gate of Atrophy
追魂之魄    Necrotic Orb
灵魂之禁 &

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