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Kritika Online - First Impressions & Thoughts

So I gave Kritika a go for three hours last night. I didn't expect much. Thought the game would be boring and repetitive due to being outdated and a 'choose your hero' type of game. To my surprise, the game was pretty fun. At first, everything feels a bit too easy.. killing bosses in one combo and clearing dungeons in around a minute or two. So, I decided to up the difficulty to INSANE hoping it would be more of a challenge. Nope.. 

However, once I got about 2 hours into the game, brought a party and then ran the missions on INSANE the challenge revealed itself.

The combat is amazing, the graphics are outdated but it's expected since the game is older and anime themed. I'm sure the dungeons/missions will become extremely repetitive once it becomes a farming for gear simulator but early on it has been pretty enjoyable. 

This first impressions video is an actual first impression. My first three hours spent in Kritika Online edited down into around 20 minutes. 

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Lodoss War Online - First Impressions

Record of Lodoss War Online is a top down, point & click MMORPG based off an old anime 'Record of Lodoss War'.

From a glance, the game doesn't look like anything special or revolutionary. Maybe once you reach the mid-end game you'll find this that game is pretty unique. How about the early game though? Character customization? Classes? Combat?

After playing for a couple of hours, here are my first impressions. This video is more of an overview rather than a live impressions.

A more detailed look at what to expect with Lodoss War Online. 

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Albion Online - Tons of changes & New Content

Albion Online finally has a release date, July 17th. 

It also received a very big update (not in file size lol) that has changed and added so much to the game it's a bit overwhelming.

Faction bases that spawn daily and weekly bosses that will be contested by many guilds. World bosses, expedition quest that can be done solo or in groups. New skills, changes to the current skill system, more added to the destiny board and a better looking UI.

The world map has also been redone making it easier to find things and giving the world a more immersive feel.

Guild vs Guild and open world PvP will now be more balanced and...

well, if ya need more information, have a look HERE or watch the video.

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Bless Online Update, BDO & Tera New Class, Kritika & More [Gaming News]

Black Desert celebrates it's one year anniversary and shows off the game's stats for its first year in NA/EU. The Dark Knight recently launched in the west as well but... what are these rumors about a NEW fighter class? Could they be true?

The western version of Bless will go into closed beta before the year is over but what's cool is that the western version of Bless will be more advanced than the KR version of Bless. Aeria also says that the cash shop will be convenience and vanity items but I don't know if I believe that.

Kritika will be making its way to the west as well!

For more MMORPG gaming news and detail on the above, check the video!

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The Exiled - Full Loot Open World PvP MMORPG - First Impressions

Is the Exiled (Das Tal) worth playing? From the 2 hours that I've spent playing the game, I'd say yes. 

However, if you don't enjoy PvP then I doubt you'll like this game. It's a bit more hardcore than most PvP games because it has a full loot system. Meaning that if you die to another player, everything on your character can be looted by your killer.

It also has a unique classless system allowing you to wield any weapon and wear any type of gear you want. Gear also has skills!

Through my journey I've found AOE damaging and healing skills for the robe. The game is top down like Diablo, PoE and other isometric games. Very similar with it's controls. 

The Exiled is also free to try for 7 days whenever you decide to download and play it. Even a year from now, if you decide to finally try the Exiled, your first seven days will be free which is more than enough time to find out if you like the game.

Keep in mind though, without a group in this game.. you are pretty sc

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NieR: Automata X Phantasy Star Online 2 Collab Revealed

Phantasy Star Online 2 is still going strong after all these years. Constant updates and collaborations, this time, PSO2 collabs with NieR: Automata. New costumes, hairstyles, weapon skins and more will be available through AC scratches some time in March.

Along with the NieR collab reveal, they also showed us other updates coming to PSO2, including a new boss.

Here are some pictures of the NieR items and upcoming boss.

Ever since hearing about the collab, I've been pretty excited. In the video below is my live reaction to the new content discussed in this article.

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Phantasy Star Online 2 - Still worth playing?

Phantasy Star Online 2 is an instance-based action MMORPG. 

The game released quite a few years ago in JP and was said to be coming to the west but... years later and where is it?

At this point, I highly doubt the game will ever come to the West. However, the JP version of the game has a very large English-speaking community and English patch that translates all the important stuff, including the story.

Unlike most foreign MMORPGs, PSO2 is very easy to get into. No VPN required as the Tweaker (which can be downloaded here http://arks-layer.com/index.php ) has a VPN built into it.

So a year or two has passed since I last played PSO2 and about a week ago I decided to give it a try again. I'm very happy I did!

Does PSO2 still hold up in 2017 and is it the game for you? Find out in this impressions/review video I made.

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Upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation Q&A

I recently did a Q&A with Intrepid Studio. the devs behind the upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation.


(text Q&A)

Q: As you may have seen the last successful mmorpgs, the crafting system has been a huge portion of game income. Some people get ahead in crafting ASAP to get as much income as they can, however some people may not be that hardcore and take months to understand how this system works. Hearing this, is there a crafting system in Ashes and how does it work how will it affect in-game income?

A: There is a very in-depth and crucial crafting system in the game.  Personally, I have always felt that crafting should be a serious commitment, and because of that it should be seriously rewarding.  Our crafting system is built into a class progression, which players can choose to level concurrently with their primary adventuring class. As you progress in this Artisan class, you will have three distinct trees that you can progress in; Gathering, Processing,

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Gaming News - New MMORPGs! Aion 2? Games Canceled & More

In my latest gaming news video we discuss the cancellation of Scalebound and Landmark.

We also talk about some new MMORPGs on the rise, Ashes of Creation (doing a Q&A soon with Devs) and what could be Aion 2. Bless Online also gets a new update to the Korean version of the game very soon. This update will add new content to the game, including the last 3 stages to the newest dungeon and materials that allow you to further enhance the strongest gear.

Watch the video for more.

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ArcheAge 3.1 Expansion 'The Beginning' Update

On January 19th in Korea, the ArcheAge 3.1 'The Beginning' expansion will go live.

This expansion brings new zones, new bosses, raids, new dailies to obtain honor and introduces the new Successor level system.

Successor levels allow players to unlock new abilities and grind for something past level 55. These are not new levels but work more like prestige. This new update also shows a whale on a dock.. so could we see whale hunting in the 3.1 update as well!?

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