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Peria Chronicles not on Nexon's G Star 2017 Lineup

Nexon has revealed the games they will be covering for this years G-Star. 

Last year we got to see an early build of Peria Chronicles. For those of us who have been waiting for this game, it was very exciting to see.

Since then, we have not heard much about the game but their facebook is constantly being updated with monster art and loading screen images.

With Peria Chronicles not being on the list of games for Nexon to show this year, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing it at all in 2017.

We're already in August and have seen no further development since the last gameplay at G-Star so it's safe to say this game won't be coming until at least 2018. Without any new gameplay, an alpha or beta this year is unlikely. 

It is a bit strange though that their facebook page keeps teasing us with loading screen images. Makes me wonder if they will show it at G-Star but as a surprise.. or that maybe we will get some type of gameplay soon. 

With the mobile market b

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How To Play Bless Online 2017 - REBUILD PROJECT server

For those wondering how to play Bless Online on the new REBUILD server, it will require a Korean account, a VPN and patience.

Keep in mind this will cost around 10-15.00 USD unless you have connections with a South Korean person.

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BLESS Online Rebuild Project Early Game - Minor Changes and Thoughts

The Rebuild Project server for Bless Online went live last night with very few changes from the original servers. This is not a bad thing! This just means that all of their updates/plans are still in the works and will roll out at a later time. I have noticed some minor changes and they are amazing.

The new skill system is in place and certain classes have had their cooldowns and animations adjusted.

There are many more changes that have been promised and will eventually make it's way to the REBUILD server but for now, it feels like the same old game just a bit more tolerable with the new skill system in place and faster cooldowns. There are some new features that I have yet to explore but if you would like to hear my thoughts on the new features that I have experienced, watch the video below. 

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Citadel: Forged With Fire - First Impressions (BETA)

Citadel: Forged with Fire recently held it's beta and could be accessed by everyone via steam.

There were TONS of servers with each server being capped at 40. This confirms that this game is not as massively multiplayer as the typical MMORPG but works more like a survival game ex. ARK and the newly released EA Dark & Light.

Character creation was very simple. Didn't notice any detailed options but did notice that you can choose all the colors of the rainbow when it comes to skin. Thats a perk to me lol! The game also ran EXTREMELY smooth. I only had a few problems when making quick turns but after turning off the motion blur it was no longer a problem.

The graphics are beautiful, the combat is impactful, animations are pretty/badass, music fits the atmosphere and my overall experience was great. 

I don't really have any major complaints. The AI could use a little work though. After taming pets, they wouldn't follow me past the lake (they should have went around). My f

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Dark & Light Discussion - Does it deserve all the negative reviews?

After spending a little over an hour in Dark & Light, I wanted to discuss the recent negativity surrounding the game.

My first impressions were not the greatest.. however, it doesn't mean the game deserves a negative review. Especially after spending less than 2 hours in the game. 

One thing you'll notice while looking through the Steam reviews is that 90% of the negative reviews were from players who played less than 2 hours on record. One day after release the game has went from 'mostly negative' reviews to 'mixed'. How? Well, with a ton of new positive reviews that's how. Where did all these positive reviews come from? Did people change their minds?

No.. they just spent a few more hours in the game. These positive reviews were mostly from people who have spent around 5 hours or more in the game. In only 2 hours there is no way you could have explored Dark and Light enough to give the game a review. Sure, some games can be played in full in 2 hours but i

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Bless Online 'Project Rebuild' Neowiz's plans a comeback

More news for the MMORPG Bless Online. Neowiz still plans to make a return/bring the game back. They discuss a possible rebuilding from scratch and making many changes in what they call 'Rebuild Project'. Has me a bit more optimistic than before.

Source: http://2p.com/49961653_1/The-quotRebuild-Projectquot-will-Fundamentally-Change-Bless-Online-by-MMORPGmaster.htm

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Twilight Spirits first impressions & short review

Twilight Spirits recently launched it's open beta and went live on steam by the name of 龙魂时刻

The game is available to play for all but it's only playable in the Chinese language though they are considering bringing other languages to the future.

I spent a couple hours live-streaming the game and had an up-and-down kind of experience. At first, the combat seemed kind of cool but minutes later I realized how stiff and old school the turning and movement of the game felt. It's very comparable to Moonlight Blade or even Revelation Online. Imagine Revelation with full on action combat, no assisted targeting but slightly more stiff with the movement. That's what I get from this.

The game is beautiful though and the character and outfit design are amazing imo. I even got to dabble in PvP which I found a bit weird. I believe I accepted a daily and accidentally queued up or a player challenged me. It seemed that there was a VERY long timer. A timer so long that no one would PvP for

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Having Trouble Launching Twilight Spirits?

Twilight Spirits launched on Steam yesterday but many people cannot find it.

If you are having trouble, please look up the name 

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Bless Online is still coming to NA/EU

We were recently told that Aeria games dropped Bless Online, leaving Bless without a publisher. 

The chances of this game coming to NA/EU anytime soon seemed very low. However, Neowiz (Bless Online developers) recently spoke out about bringing the game to the west on their own. Check it out.

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Kritika Online - First Impressions & Thoughts

So I gave Kritika a go for three hours last night. I didn't expect much. Thought the game would be boring and repetitive due to being outdated and a 'choose your hero' type of game. To my surprise, the game was pretty fun. At first, everything feels a bit too easy.. killing bosses in one combo and clearing dungeons in around a minute or two. So, I decided to up the difficulty to INSANE hoping it would be more of a challenge. Nope.. 

However, once I got about 2 hours into the game, brought a party and then ran the missions on INSANE the challenge revealed itself.

The combat is amazing, the graphics are outdated but it's expected since the game is older and anime themed. I'm sure the dungeons/missions will become extremely repetitive once it becomes a farming for gear simulator but early on it has been pretty enjoyable. 

This first impressions video is an actual first impression. My first three hours spent in Kritika Online edited down into around 20 minutes. 

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