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How To Fix Lag issue in King Of Glory(王者荣耀) outside China

King of Glory(Chinese name:王者荣耀) is the most popular mobile MOBA in China recently, which developed and published by Tencent Games. Not only Chinese players love the game, more and more pp outside China addict to it.

The game is awesome but unfortunately the game server is located in China, it means some players outside China have to under high ping, heavy lag issue or unstable connection in game, which destroys the whole fun.
Even though Tecent Games published Arena of Valor in Eurfor everyone who not in China, it seems that they guys also want play the Mainland China Version-King of Glory.
One player iSincerity said this on Reddit: "Arena of Valor has a whole different Feeling, the Characters aren't even close as fun and the Gameplay mechanics are different as well. It seems a lot
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300 Heroes Main Servers Open - New Heroes and Skin Update !

300 Heroes released two new main servers: '甲铁城' of Telecom and '红魔馆' of Netcom at 18:00 on January 20th, 2017 (GMT+8).

Moreover, new heroes and skin also updated!

Telecom '甲铁城':

Netcom '红魔馆' :

New Oriental Heroes >>>


It's very easy to get this great hero freely if finished corresponding quest.



R 八神疾风:

New Skin - 根源

300 Heroes official site:


Play 300 Heroes with slow ping outside China by Lonlife Booster:


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JX Online 3 Internet Drama '四海流云' PV !

JX Online 3 New Year version just released on January 19th, more and more gamers had participate in kinds of Spring Festival activities with great interest.

Attractive topic Internet Drama '四海流云' of JX Online 3 published stills and the first PV.

The Internet Drama '四海流云' , which leading role is 谢云流 Xie Yun Liu, returns to JX Online 3 background, costume and world view deeply. Make swordmen experience the flourishing prosperity of Tang Dynasty with a new perspective.

JX Online 3 - Internet Drama '四海流云' PV:

Main Characters:

谢云流 Xie Yun liu

李华婉 Li Hua Wan

李隆基 Li Long Ji

陆危楼 Lu Wei Lou

红衣教夜纱 Ye Sha

武三思 Wu San Si

JX Online 3 official site: http://xw.jx3.xoyo.com/

How To Play JX Online 3 with slow ping outside China (Fix High ping issue) : http://www.lonlife.cn/en/index

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JX Online 3 New Year Version Release !

JX Online 3 New Year version was released on January 19th, 2017 to celebrate Spring Festival.

Time-limited sale Red Hair '红弦别夜' , luxurious costume/cloak '盘龙凤舞' and cute chick pets are open to all gamers around the world. Moreover, gamers can participate in the annual folk activities of Spring Festival during January 19th and February 20th. New scenes in-game '天街灯市’ will show prosperity of Tang dynasty.

Check this video to learn more info about JX Online 3 New Year :

JX Online 3 New Year :http://zt.jx3.xoyo.com/zt/2017/01/18/jx3Topic01/page_appearance.html

Folk Activities of Spring Festival:


Limited time promotion :


Gorgeous Appearance:


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