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My Brute Browser game review 

      My Brute is a small Browser based game that i have recently found. It is by far not the best one(best looking, sounding, gameplay ... etc), but it is a game that will keep you busy.



How to get started 

Start of by going to here and making a brute. To make one all you need to do is input a name and press validate thats all. then you will do one test fight. After your done create a password for your brute so other people cant use it to fight. You create the password when you go back to your brutes cell. Once you are at your cell and have created a password you can login to go to the area and battle others.



How the game works. The good and the bad

First lets beging with the good. This game isint ment do much expect keep you busy for a few min a day and let time pass. It does a great job of that. The image on the right shows most of the weapons and special skills you can use during you fights. the fight usually last around a minuet each but when you have weapons like that they can last a lot less. Weapons range from spears to keyboard. You can also obtain pets. The pets i know are Wolf, Dog, and Bear. The skills are very helpful as well. they can be seem under the weapons. They increase can increase Agi, speed, Strength, or damage the person your brute is fighting.


There are a few down sides to the game. The first is how short it is. When you first create your brute you get 6 battles in the area with each lasting about a minet. After the first day you only get 3 each day. That just plain sucks. You cant do much with only 3 fights. The other thing is when you level up the ablilitys/weapons/pet you get is randome. You dont get to choose what so every. The fighting is also randome. The winner gets chosen at randome depending on his weapons/stats/skills. To make up for the 3 fights a day thing they added in a pupil system. This is how they also get more people to join. When you get a new pupil or a pupil levels up you gain exp.


Overall this game does its job. I mostly just go on to do my 3 fights when i am waiting for an anime episode to load or waiting for a buddy to get on aim or something. It's fun to watch those little guys smack eachother with clubs or spears or whatever weapon hes using. Best of all its easy to play since you dont need to do anything.

  Remember guys digg it if you dig it.  




mybrute brute browser mud  

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