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The first adult 3D RPG has arrived, Digamour combines role-playing features known from common MMORPGs with full support of virtual sex.

The game background can be summarized as follows:
Late in the 21st century the Somavision Corporation developed Biomechanic Sex Dolls within the secret Digamour Project. Some Freelance Engineers pimped up their dolls in an undergound project which enhanced them to most life-like individuals.
Step into the Digamour 3D Virtuporn and experience these Cyberdoll developments for yourself in the Paris of 2074.

While having fun with the dolls it depends on your own abilities and dexterity how much eXperience Points (XP) and Cash you will take out of each hot session with one of the dolls.
The XP will bring your own character to the next levels of gameplay while you can use the earned Cash for the enhancement of the cyberdolls.

On a Overview Map you will find your way to the different locations:
- Partners
- Bodyshop (GirlLab)
- Videostore

Upgrade the Cyberdolls in the Bodyshop with various equipment of the following categories:
- Sex Doll Models (Brazil, Japan, German, South Africa)
- Sex Doll Knowledge of Sex Positions
- Hair Style
- Body Weight
- Skin Color
- Eye Color
- Breast Implants
- Ass Size ;-)

Camera zoom and angle is really smooth without interruptions and the sex animations come up in good quality.

Constantly added content and value!

Be sure that this game contains edgy hardcore and satirical XXX gameplay features that are not suitable for minors.


------Originally from MMOVSG


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