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Teen sex messages go digital

 — posted by Marissa Cevallos on July, 27 2010 11:48 AM


Teens talk about sex, dating, and drugs on a new website launched by the Florida Department of Health.

The interactive episodes on TeenTruth–divided into guys, girls, parents, and citizens–feature actors talking about teen issues, pausing every so often to ask the viewer a multiple-choice question.

For example, ladies: Would you say no to a cute guy who wanted to  have sex with you?

One character gets dumped by her boyfriend for refusing to have sex: “If you love somebody, they’ll give you respect,” she says.

But her friend can’t wait to find a cute boy. They start to dish their secrets, like whether they would ever text a naked picture of themselves to someone, and worry together a

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All 50 Playboy Centerfolds Of Mafia II

A collection guide on GameFAQs has been complete since Sept. 2 and lists where you can find the 'folds, as well as identifying the women by name and month of appearance. HBG's roundup is definitely nsfw, though an age-gate will ask you if you're 18 before allowing you to proceed. As we've seen on South Park, those under age 18 always answer this truthfully.

For those curious, here's a list of all Playmates appearing in the game, in their chronological order. This order differs from the one in which you're able to collect them.

    Playmate 1: Lari Laine - Miss May 1958Playmate 2: Elaine Reynolds - Miss October 1959Playmate 3: Ellen Stratton - Miss December 1959Playmate 4: Sally Sarell - Miss March 1960Playmate 5: Linda Gamble - Miss April 1960Playmate 6: Ann Davis - Miss September 1960Play
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Video Game Idol Scores Atari Condoms

Video Game Idol Scores Atari Condoms


Haruna Anno is not a simply an idol. Run-of-the-mill idols aren't kick ass at Street Fighter and... Spelunker. Anno is a game idol. And she's got Atari raincoats to prove it?

While visiting a Japanese Q&A company, Haruna spotted some rare Atari items — Atari rubbers. She playfully recalls the "terrible" conversation that occurred when she asked for them.

The company replied that they were old, and making a Japanese word play on the meaning of "Atari", he added that because they were Atari, she would score if they were used. Continuing with the word plays, Haruna replied that there'd be an "Atari Shock" — here, either referring to the shock of conceiving or the Video Game Crash of 1983.

"Is the biggest problem is that 22-year-old me

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3D porn set to appear on the big screen for the first time


3D erotic movies go global with big screen showing


If you weren’t feeling decidedly creepy today avert your eyes for a top Chinese erotic filmmaker has declared he is to release the world’s first 3D pornographic movie for the big screen, that’s right, viewers will be getting their jollies in the privacy of a multiplex.


Attempting to return to the heights of the box office success he saw in the ‘90s from the $2.6 million grossing adult flick Sex and Zen, Chinese erotic filmmaker Stephen Shiu is jumping on the extra dimensional bandwagon with his upcoming cinematic release 3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy.


Related Links:
- 3D T

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Hot cosplay of the week: Resident Evil's Ada Wong


Horror fans visiting their local multiplex this weekend just to see Milla Jovovich in yet another Resident Evil should save their pocketbooks...and their sanity. One look at this cosplayer’s rendition of the lusty agent Ada Wong, and you’ll forget anything about that non-canon movie.

As an avid fan of all things Resident Evil (with 4 being her favorite), model and costume designer Yaya Han created everything from Ada’s dress to her handgun from scratch. Her rendition even extends to a second costume she made for fellow cosplayer Leon’s costume, but she feels that it could use some improvement. Makes you wonder what would happen if she had more time and resources...

Not only has she been the guest of honor at many anime conventions worldwide, she has also been f

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Suuare Enix on FF14



In summary:

Players earn XP at 100% for the first 8 hours.

For 7 hours over this limit the XP received decreases to 0%.

The time limit for the playtime counter to reset is 1 week.

The XP gain limit is not tied to any class/job but is per character.

Drops and loot are not affected by the XP “fatigue.”

Strangely, this is not so far off the “1 hour a day” limit which caused so much controversy – and hardly “fabrication” and “delusion” as Square Enix put it not so long ago.

Source: Sakura Complex

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Parasite Eve 1 & 2 May See a PSN Release

dualshockers parasiteeve2 boxart


Speaking to VG24/7 recently, the producer of Square-Enix’s upcoming action/shooter The 3rd Birthday, Yoshinori Kitase, mentioned that they are actually looking at bringing the two core titles in the Parasite Eve franchise to the PSN. Apparently these games are in high demand to be re-released as PS1 Classics on the PSN store, so Square-Enix is looking into the possibility. This would be a pretty nice thing to do to drum up excitement and fan support for the next titles that is based in that world, which is The 3rd Birthday.

To make things doubly fine, Tetsuya Nomura himself mentioned on his Twitter feed yesterday that they would “like to do something for the numerous requests for the archives of 1st and 2nd”. Take that as you will, but the

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NSFW: Catherine Gets Debut Trailer


Catherine, the upcoming hi-def role-playing game from Persona developer Atlus, features scary sheep dreams, animation from Studio 4C and, from the looks of this trailer, lots of bumping and grinding.

The trailer kicks off with the male protagonist (Vincent) asking a woman if she's heard that when people die in a dream, they die in real life. She replies that she has had a dream in which she has killed someone.

Catherine will be released later this year in Japan

 Catherine is the upcoming PS3 and Xbox 360 game from Japanese developer Atlus. It is a spin-off of the Persona series of role-playing games. An adult one.

As evident by the game's launch trailer and now the promotional poster, Atlus wasn't kidding when it said it was making a game for adult players.

It is rated CERO C, whi

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Porn Star Gives Gamecrush Something To Think About

Porn Star Gives Gamecrush Something To Think About

I won't link to them, but you should just...know, there are plenty of porno flicks based on movies, books and comic books. But video games? There's some, but not many. One porn star would like to change that.

"I've actually talked about It with my guy before", Belladonna, a former winner of the "Dirtiest Girl In Porn" award, told Original Gamer. "I'd love to dress up as my Priest on World of Warcraft and do a scene like that."

"I remember I shot a scene with Kimberly Kane where we were both playing the Wii, and we were supposed to be nerd girls then yeah, the sex started to happen. I've been thinking about it before, but now I'm really interested in it. Maybe tell people that I'm playing this game at this time so people can get on."

Whoah, that t

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6 ludicrous (to us) reasons China is banning sexy game ads

Prepare to step into a world of porn stars, cosplay, and evil western influences

As we reported last month, Chinese officials have become fed up with the amount of skin being shown in videogame advertisements. They’ve decided that these ads are an “unwholesome” influence on Chinese youth and must be toned down to prevent debauchery from becoming the norm.

Is China’s decision based on a real epidemic of unsavory advertisements, or is the government simply being conservative? To find out – and hopefully find some lewd photographs or adults-only videos – we decided to spend some time navigating around Chinese game sites to find out exactly why the country is deciding to ban sexually suggestive game ads. What we found was infuriating, enlighteni

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