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Mechanics overview of the final boss in Naryu Foundry (Acrimor). 

Jump Mechanics:
- Assign 1 person to be the furthest (standing on the other side of the railing, not the same direction the boss is facing)
- Acrimor faces the furthest person before jumping.
- Snare the boss before he's able to jump
- The boss has a global cooldown on snares so FMs and SFs need to be careful not to use chill. 
- After the jump attempt the boss will do a fire breath at the tank and jump to the tank. The tank needs to stay in the middle of the room

Marking Mechanics:
- Every 25 seconds the two closest people will be marked
- Marked status is active for 20 seconds
- Being marked provides a constant aoe pulse
- These aoe pulses are used to move the dials
- 1 pulse moves the dial in a 90 degree clockwise direction
- To avoid being marked you have to be 3 meters or further away

Burn Stack Mechanics:
- 1 burn stack applies approximately every 5 seconds up to a maximum of 99 stacks
- Burn stacks can only be cleansed by filling up all 8 air vents

Ball Control Mechanics:
- This is the most important mechanic
- Basically you want to fill all 8 air vents in the most efficient manner
- The spawning of the balls is somewhat RNG
- There is a total of 4 phases. Phases 1 and 2 spawns one ball. Phases 3 and 4 spawns two balls
- You get three minutes in Phases 1 and 2 and under two minutes in Phases 3 and 4

Each corner has a furnace and 2 air vents. NW corner is #1. NE corner is #2. SE corner is #3. SW corner is #4

Ball spawn order for phases 1 and 2: Ball #1 at 1 or 2. Ball #2 at 2 or 3. Ball #3 at 3 or 4. Ball #4 at 4 or 1. Ball #5 at 1 or 2. Ball #6 at 2 or 3. Ball #7 at 3 or 4. Ball #8 at 4 or 1.

Ball spawn order for phases 1 and 2. Balls #1 and #2 at 1 and 3. Balls #3 and #4 at 2 and 4. Balls #5 and #6 at 1 and 3. Balls #7 and #8 at 2 and 4.

Reasons Why It Fails:
- Too much time wasted by letting a ball go into an active air vent
- If anyone (including the boss) touches the ball causing it to explode
- If 2 balls collide (they will explode)

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Name: Chiffon Fairchild
Server: Mushin
Guild: Vengeful

Credit: Blade and Soul, NCSoft, and NCWest.
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