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The Frozen Firing Range is the daily Christmas event. It is available from December 7th, ending on January 18th. You must be at least level 16 or higher to do this event. No AP is required for this. Limited to once a day. Resets can be purchased for 39 Ncoins or HMcoins if you wish to do it more than once a day.

Be sure to do this event with 6 people. There are grenade launchers and frost rifles you can use. Usually 3 launchers and 3 rifle users work or 4 launchers and 2 rifle users.

The objective is to defeat all the Frost Banshees that come out of the red portal before they get into the blue portal. If successful, the Frost Yeti will jump down and toss the treasure chest to your side. 

If you fail to eliminate all banshees then the Frost Yeti will damage the chest and a secondary phase will begin. Mini Yetis will throw snowballs at the chest until it is destroyed. You must kill them or the chest will be gone. 

Once you get to wave 3 and higher there will be totems, shield mobs, and Yeti throwers. 

The final phase is having to fight the Frost Yeti boss. He does very little damage. Use the Frost rifles to finish him off quickly.

- Wind Totems boosts the movement speed of the Banshees.
- Shield Totem (spawns in the middle) protects the Banshees from all harm until you destroy it.

- Shield Mobs don't do much you can ignore them

- Yeti Throwers will toss large chunks of ice at you causing you to lose your weapon if you get hit

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Name: Chiffon Fairchild
Server: Mushin
Guild: Vengeful

Credit: Blade and Soul, NCSoft, and NCWest.
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