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Here is a full guide on Zakhan, the last boss in Ebondrake Citadel. 

Along with needing an accessory to resist Phantom Brand. There are 2 essential requirements. First, spec your Tab escape skill so that is daze. Secondly, you will need a Summoner or Assassin to do their party invisible ability.


100%-90% HP
- Normal attacks
- Attacks are fast and wide

90% HP Shows His True Self
- Zakhan will announce he is watching someone
- The marker is the person who is the furthest away from him
- Everyone needs to clump up in front of the boss as the marker comes to do the same
- Time the party invisible skill for the aoe he will fire off
- If timed correctly everyone will be stealthed
- The marker breaks stealth and continues to attack
- Everyone else must wait until Zakhan fires the first out of his four projectiles
- Projectiles will target whoever is visible (aka the marker)
- The marker will not suffer any damage from the projectiles
- Remain close together to receive the root buff 
- The root buff will protect you from Heaven's Breach (his follow up aoe)

Black Circles
- Throughout the fight he will summon black circles that will explode after 3 seconds. These do high damage

Dark Void
- Everyone will be pulled in when he does this room aoe pull. Only daze resistant abilities can ignore this. Use your Tab Daze skill in order to CC him. Any double CCs will work. 

- He will grab the furthest person. During the grab phase do NOT CC him as he will suffer damage from grabbing the person. This is similar to the Infernal Lord in Desolate Tomb

50-30% HP True/False Markers
- At 50% HP he will mark 2 people. One is real while the other is fake
- The real marker has a glow
- The fake marker will be grabbed by the boss
- No changes in any other mechanics

30% HP 50/50 RNG of 2 Markers
- At 30% HP there's a 50/50 chance he will do the true/false marker

- No other changes in mechanics

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