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The routine is still that way

If you already hate Frequency (2K16 avatar alias), President (2K17 lead avatar) that kind of high school league to grow to NBA superstar routines, "2K18" MC story (title: "The Peak Road") is worth your good Try it.

This time you played as a DJ (a pseudonym) unknown player who participated in the Jordon Basketball Park. In this community game, the DJ received the favor of scouts and gradually became a NBA supernova story NBA MT Coins.

It is true that the routine is still that way, and the taste is still familiar. It's just that the story has added a lot of interaction between the characters (for example, if the DJ is going to intervene between the agent and the club for his future), the story is more delicate and more realistic, and it is worth your time to experience it.

The MC mode was more tormented, especially in the Jordon Park. It was a three-game match (the team that won 22 points first). During this time, the player can opt out of the game, but when they re-enter, they have to...
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The championship is known as the Super Bowl

In recent years, the NFL has expanded to new markets and commercial ventures. In 1986, the League began a series of pre-season exhibitions, known as the United States Cup, held at an international location outside the United States. In 1991, the League established the American Football World League, which is now the European Football League. The NFL conducted a regular game in Mexico City in 2005 and intends to continue such matches NFL Coins in other countries. In 2003, the NFL founded its own cable television channel, the NFL Network.

Since the 1960s, American football has surpassed basketball and baseball as America's favorite sport. In January or February of each year, the two league champions of AFC and NFC compete for the Vince Lombardi Trophy in a given city. The championship is also known as the Super Bowl. The U.S. football stadium is often called the "bowl". It has more than half of the television ratings of American families, and more than 150 countries around the wor...
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The two sides met in a narrow path

On April 3rd, the final of the NCAA college basketball league started in San Antonio. Villanova defeated the University of Michigan 79-62 and won the championship.

This is Villanova's second win in three years. Dante Devinsonzo, who came off the bench, became a hero. He made 5 of 7 3-pointers and scored 31 points and 5 rebounds. The starter Mikhail Briggis scored 19 points and Jaylen Bronson scored 9 points.

The University of Michigan was losing ground. The dream of winning the championship again since 1989 failed to materialize. "King" Ali - Lakman 23 points, Moritz - Wagner 16 points and 7 rebounds, Saville - Sampson 10 points.

This year's NCAA final was known as the "Victims' Battle." The two teams have different styles. Villanova is the number one seed and is known as the strongest team. They won the championship in 2016 but they went out early last year. Their goal is naturally to win again.

The goal of the University of Michigan is also championship, but not many people are op...
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James Harden has been the most popular candidate

April 2 news, according to "Clutch Points" report, James - Harden has been the most popular candidate for the regular season MVP this season, his performance is indeed impeccable. "Clutch Points" pointed out that Harden's signature technical post-retreat step has already reached the top three, and he uses more than any team in the league NBA MT Coins.

Harden is undoubtedly the best player this season, and he is also a popular candidate for regular season MVP this season. And Harden's most insane technology, in addition to the abnormal European step breakthrough, is to step back three pointers. There is no doubt that Harden is one of the greatest offensive geniuses in NBA history. He has upgraded the technology to three points after the withdrawal.

"The Wall Street Journal" reporter Ben Cohen observed this - Harden's retreat step three points more than any other team. The Rockets did not include Harden, and had a total of 60 post-retreat three-point shots. The team with the most ...
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