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Lost Survivor Gameplay Android / iOS

Lost Survivor by InnoGames GmbH (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)

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If you find this note,
I am stranded on an unknown tropical island and need your help. I don’t remember how I got here, who I am nor where I come from.
The island is empty as far as I can tell…unless you count the strange creatures. Food is running out, my hut requests upgrading, I need supplies and a way back.
Please get this note to someone that can help. Tell them I am missing. Tell them I need assistance.
My only friend, a speaking bird, has been guiding me so far. But, I’m quickly running out of supplies. Help me unravel the reason why I am here and join me in my adventures!


- Craft hundreds of unique items to keep yourself alive and fight back nasty monsters populating the island
- Explore the ever changing tropical environment
- Cooperate with others to untangle the amazing storyline and reveal the dark secrets of the island
- Enjoy incredible graphical quality...
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Travia Returns Gameplay Android / iOS (English)

Travia Returns by Zemi Interactive (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)

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Travia Returns is an MMORPG mobile game which focuses on feudal warfare.

[Game Characteristics]

▶ Explore
In order to participate in the war, you will need to play a single mode game and level up. This is done on Explore mode.

Explore mode consists of 24 stages. You can level up, gather gold and acquire gears to either equip or sacrifice them to enhance your equipped gears.

▶ Conquest
As you play along Explore, you will probably fall short of Gold. You can either Auto Repeat the same stage over and over again in Explore mode or join the open field Conquest mode.

In Conquest mode, you can play with other players. You won't be able to party up or fight them, but you will be able to see them and talk to them. You probably want to take a spot and Fix yourself there and set it to auto hunt. Your character will then claim all the Gold you will ever need.

▶ Battleground
There are ...
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Iron Blade - Medieval Legends Android Gameplay (by Gameloft)

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG by Gameloft (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)

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.. To all Action-RPG fans:
The ancient prophecies were true. The Demon Lord Baal is set to return for his second attempt at claiming this world: The signs are everywhere, the darkness is emerging, the cultists are stronger.
The Templars need a hero! Join millions of other players in a glorious quest to save all of humanity or spend eternity in the depths of Hell. Are you the Iron Blade-bearing savior the prophecy foretells?

o Defeat countless threats by battling possessed and demonic forces to complete the explosive story.
o Immerse yourself in the rich history and fantasy of the Middle Ages -- a legendary world where cold, hard steel meets elusive arcane powers.
o Fight your way through scenic European landscapes to bring the light back to Notre Dame, defeat the undead hordes in Scotland, and banish the vampires in Transylvania.

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The Walking Dead: March to War Gameplay Android / iOS

The Walking Dead: March to War by Disruptor Beam (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)

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Join The Walking Dead: March to War and decide how you survive in the first ever story-driven multiplayer strategy game set in the world of Robert Kirkman’s award winning graphic novel.

Build your settlement, recruit survivors, create a council of iconic character like Rick, Negan, Michonne, and Carl to help you gather resources and stake your claim to survive the ruins of Washington DC among walkers and other factions.

Construct numerous buildings to grow your base and level up your settlement like Ranges to train your survivors, Infirmaries to help the sick and injured, Food Stashes or Scrap Piles for more resources and even a radio tower to locate prospective survivors...or targets.

Recruit survivors then train them to defend your settlement, gather supplies, and raid your enemies. Survivors c...
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