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Hey guys, it's Greg.. I made a detailed guide on the pve playstyle of Force Master, please check it out and let me know what you think. :)

As of now the guide has 4 parts, the first part is the burn build (which is the strongest build) and a breakdown of how it runs. The second part is the guide explaining group saves, and utility as well as cc. Part 3 explains animation cancelling and explains how it works and why, and the final part explains the fire build, a not burn dps option for those who have latency issues (have issues with keeping up burn) or want a lazier build.

If you like these videos, please subscribe to my channel and I will be posting more guides soon!


Part 1 (burn build): 

Part 2 (Utility and party saves):

Part 3 (animation cancelling explanation):

Part 4 (fire non-burn build):

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