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By: Beligerent posted at Jan 08, 2012 8:04 pm

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This is just to clear up the confusion some people may have with the three different English servers for Age of Wulin, the martial arts game that so many people are looking forward to in 2012.

1. Age of Wulin, which will be published by gPotato in Europe. This was the first English server to be announced and so is quite popular. There are also two new servers to come to the Europe version so IP block may be in the future.

2. Age of Wushu, which was just announced only a couple a days of ago and is going to be published in the NA by Snail Games USA (subsidiary of Snail Game Suzhou, which also in turn happens to be the developer of the game). Snail Games USA has been relatively hidden in the shadows, before this game so it will be interesting to see how this company handles us picky US players.

3. Age of Kungfu, which will be the English server for the SEA will be hosted by Cubinet. Cubinet is famous for hosting Perfect World games and somehow raking in the cash off of crappy games (as you might have guessed I dislike them).

Well that's the list. What are your thoughts? I sort of don't understand what happened to the poulartity of global games. It seems like to me as soon as they gained popularity they died right away.

Thanks goes to CINDERBOY for the info.

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