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Homophobia in Online Gaming

Once in a while I like to look back on the MMORPG genre and see where I think it's at fault. This time though it's not so much the games themselves at fault as gamers themselves. Being a gay gamer this is particularly a touchy subject for me as I've experienced more than my share of harassment, hateful language spewed at me, and threats that have piled up a mountain high. The LBGTQ community points to the console gaming community as the greatest culprits when it comes to rampant homophobia, but I believe that MMORPG gamers are just as bad. To use an example, no one really says "You tank like a girl" now do they? No one says, "You tank like a dark-skinned person!" Yet somehow it's alright to reference people as being "gay" when they tank a way someone doesn't like.

Not onl

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FireFall: Why I'm disappointed

FireFall has been in beta for two years... Paid beta for about the last year (estimating here, it maybe about 6-8 months). It is now in open beta. So why am I disappointed? The game is riddled with bugs after two whole years in beta. Some people are saying "it's open beta so it's still beta." Sorry but once they start charging for stuff then I consider beta over. Not to mention there is just no excuse after the length of time it took just to get the game in open beta.

FireFall also wasted a ton of money that could have been added straight to the game. They bought a huge-ass gaming bus, hired comic book writers to pen a comic book for their game, and hired a former professional football player to cosplay for their game. It was just a ridiculous amount of money that was wasted that cou

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2013-2014: The Sandbox Era?

Are developers finally trying to listen to players this year and into the next? It sort of seems that way as we are getting plenty of games with sandbox features this year and next! So what are some of the games you can expect to be chalk-filled with sandbox elements? Well we have Black Desert Online which is claiming to have a world that truly feels alives. From the trailer NPCs seem to be more alive and involved in the world rather than just standing still. 

Black Desert Online also sports a housing system that is limited in that once all the houses are taken there are no more. While I don't agree with this system because it takes away housing from the casual PvE players the point of it is for there to be a constant competition from guilds because whoever owns houses has an easie

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Project NT: What happened to it?

Project NT has been on my radar ever since I heard about it back in 2012. I am a huge fan of cell-shaded MMOs which are very rare, so when a new one comes out that has some amazing features like Project NT I get excited. So what features are these that I'm talking about? One of the features I'm excited about is the town feature. If there are a lot of players in a town and that particular town remains rather populated the town will magically grow bigger! But if there aren't a lot of players in the town the town will grow smaller and smaller until eventually it could very possibly disappear! Imagine that. A whole town just up and vanishing! Pretty neat huh?

Another pretty cool feature of Project NT is that there are no specific jobs or classes in the game. So how does one gain new s
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Vindictus Season 2 Story Episode Plagiarized

It seems that devCAT's writers are running dry because recently they were caught in the act of plagiarism. This Is Game found evidence that one of the episode stories from Vindictus (known as Mabinogi: Heroes in Korea) was copied and looked almost identical to a fan-fiction story written by another person.


That's the link above that compares the two. Roughly translating, Nexon has made a public apology and are apparently trying to amend the situation (again roughly translating the text). Korean players are non too happy it seems, as Nexon's quality has fallen short in the last year and now they've added plagiarism to their growing list of shoddy company workmanship (may I remind you their custo

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Guid Wars 2~The Lore of it All

For some reason... I can't stop nerd writing about this game. I'm sure many people have by now grown sick of seeing these articles. Well too bad! You're going to have to see another one! Anyways, today I'm going to give some of my (not so wise) insight into the lore of Guild Wars 2. Some of things I found interesting was the naming of asura. Asura children who aren't named accordingly are the weird ones and get made fun of apparently! So if you are making a female asura, make sure to end the name in an -i or an -a (these are vowel sounds). If you're a male creating a (hopefully) male asura make sure to end your name in a constant sound. Also don't give your asura a last name. Apparently in the society of asura the asura with last names are considered eccentric, and other

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Guild Wars 2~Thoughts On the Sylvari

Today (August 15) I got a chance to sit down and play the stress test. I decided to try out the sylvari because I hadn't gotten the chance to play them yet. The sylvari are strange to say the least. They are like the elf race I suppose (although they don't remind me anything of elves, but that's what people, and even ArenaNet, compare them with). Born from a tree, I thought the introduction was sort of interesting for them, where they start out in living in a dream and find a nightmare in the dream, and once done fighting this "nightmare" they are brought to the real world (apparently much of their personal story and lore is based off of arthurian legends). To be truthful after that I didn't really find the personal story that great. I thought the Asura's person

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Races I Would Love To See In Guild Wars 2

These races are the ones I would love to see in future expansions of Guild Wars 2. ArenaNet has already stated that future expansions would have new races so here are some of the races I think they would put in (some of them are just one's I wish they'd put in but doubt they will).


The Tengu are a neutral race in all curent conflicts and are in the process of deciding which race(s) to ally with and which one(s) will be their foes. As you can see they are very odd looking, like birds with human builds. They are ruled by an emperor. Although they can't fly I still think they would be a very fun race to play because of their looks and just because it would interesting to see the storyline created around them. I actually think ArenaNet could possibly already be planning to make

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Guild Wars 2's Last Stress Test Opinions

The last stress test in Guild Wars 2 really impressed me. Although it took quite a while to finally get in because of login problems everyone had it was very well worth it. I got to try out the Asura and oh my did I have a blast! The Asura's story is amazing and I just love the whole race and the setting! The way they run is also quite funny.

They are the oddest, strangest, and cutest race in the game (so far), but they are badass! I enjoyed the technology oriented starting area very much, and loved how as soon as I entered it, there was an event going on right away! I guess I created my character just in time! The leveling pace for the Asura felt much faster for me than the human race did (maybe because I had more fun on the Asura, who knows). I think this was because they had eve

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The Flaws of the "Fantasy" MMO Genre


A lot of fantasy MMOs seem to lack what fantasy is all about: Exploration. Worlds feel small in most MMOs and lack life. My ideal fantasy MMO needs to have vast open lands to explore, and most fail in this category. A lot don't get buildings and structures quite right to a character's body proportions. What I mean when I say this is that buildings often seem too small, even castles, making them feel wholly unrealistic (and not in a good unrealistic "fantasy" way).


Most fantasy MMOs seem to think that they can add any mounts into their game, willy-nilly, with not a care on the impact it makes to the realism of that said world. They add ridiculous mounts like flaming horses to fill the world (or even worse the overly cute ones that make me think they're trying to ad

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