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Homophobia in Online Gaming

Once in a while I like to look back on the MMORPG genre and see where I think it's at fault. This time though it's not so much the games themselves at fault as gamers themselves. Being a gay gamer this is particularly a touchy subject for me as I've experienced more than my share of harassment, hateful language spewed at me, and threats that have piled up a mountain high. The LBGTQ community points to the console gaming community as the greatest culprits when it comes to rampant homophobia, but I believe that MMORPG gamers are just as bad. To use an example, no one really says "You tank like a girl" now do they? No one says, "You tank like a dark-skinned person!" Yet somehow it's alright to reference people as being "gay" when they tank a way someone doesn't like.

Not onl

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FireFall: Why I'm disappointed

FireFall has been in beta for two years... Paid beta for about the last year (estimating here, it maybe about 6-8 months). It is now in open beta. So why am I disappointed? The game is riddled with bugs after two whole years in beta. Some people are saying "it's open beta so it's still beta." Sorry but once they start charging for stuff then I consider beta over. Not to mention there is just no excuse after the length of time it took just to get the game in open beta.

FireFall also wasted a ton of money that could have been added straight to the game. They bought a huge-ass gaming bus, hired comic book writers to pen a comic book for their game, and hired a former professional football player to cosplay for their game. It was just a ridiculous amount of money that was wasted that cou

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2013-2014: The Sandbox Era?

Are developers finally trying to listen to players this year and into the next? It sort of seems that way as we are getting plenty of games with sandbox features this year and next! So what are some of the games you can expect to be chalk-filled with sandbox elements? Well we have Black Desert Online which is claiming to have a world that truly feels alives. From the trailer NPCs seem to be more alive and involved in the world rather than just standing still. 

Black Desert Online also sports a housing system that is limited in that once all the houses are taken there are no more. While I don't agree with this system because it takes away housing from the casual PvE players the point of it is for there to be a constant competition from guilds because whoever owns houses has an easie

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Project NT: What happened to it?

Project NT has been on my radar ever since I heard about it back in 2012. I am a huge fan of cell-shaded MMOs which are very rare, so when a new one comes out that has some amazing features like Project NT I get excited. So what features are these that I'm talking about? One of the features I'm excited about is the town feature. If there are a lot of players in a town and that particular town remains rather populated the town will magically grow bigger! But if there aren't a lot of players in the town the town will grow smaller and smaller until eventually it could very possibly disappear! Imagine that. A whole town just up and vanishing! Pretty neat huh?

Another pretty cool feature of Project NT is that there are no specific jobs or classes in the game. So how does one gain new s...
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