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Torchlight Mobile is an online action RPG !

Game (Chinese version) by China’s Perfect World (IOS/Android).
Torchlight Mobile haven’t realeased English version yet. Hope it will come in 2017.
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First, let’s talk about Map and Gameplay. Torchlight Mobile has dungeon stage map like other Action RPG for Mobile and same gameplay with controller and skills buttons.
Now, there are 3 main class in game : Ember Blade, Engineer, Kitsune. Each class has different weapon and skills. The attributes system was remove in this Mobile version, that mean you can not creat a unique play style for you anymore. Unfortunately for me, attributes system is what I love most.

SKills System in Torchlight Mobile :
– Skill system was changed ! In Torchlight and Torchlight II, there are 3 skills Tree for each class, but in Torchlight Mobile, each class has 6 seperate skills and some weapons skill.
– Skill Combination : To fix the problem of lacking of skills, Torchlight Mobile creat the Skill Combination. Each skill can Combine with 1 of 5 skill left to make a new skill with new effect. So player has 44 ways to combine the skills (Player only have 3 skills slot).
– Weapon Skill : Depend on which equipments, each kind of equipment has a skill.

Ember Blade :

Ember Blade is a Melee only class, with high DPS, big AOE and can consume % HP to use some skill.
Here is the Ember Blade Skills Combination.
All the skills was shown in this videos, with the details. Warrior skills comsume rage which will recover with normal hit, but instead it have short or no cooldown. In Torchlight Mobile , Ember Blade uses 5 types of weapon : Sword and Shield, 2H Sword, Axe and Shield, 2H Axe, Spear.

Engineer :

Engineer can use both melee weapon and ranger weapon. This class don’t comsume any thing to use skills, and can summon a big Mecha.
All the skills was shown in this videos, with the details. Engineer skills don;t comsume mana, but instead it have average cool down on most skill. When energy bar full, you can active a buff which give you 50% attack speed and reduce damage taken by 50%.
Engineer uses 4 types of weapon : Shortgun, Cannon, 2H Mace, Mace.


Kitsune a range only class. This class only has female, her skill cos mana which can recover it self or with normal hit. Kitsune can summon and Transform herself in to a big 3 tails Fox.
All the skills was shown in this videos, with the detailsl. In Torchlight Mobile , Kitsune uses 4 types of weapon : Wand, Staff, Bow, Cross Bow.

Pets :

Pets System in Torchlight Mobile :
Pets in mobile version is complete change the way it work compare with PC version. Pets is not a supporter anymore, instead pets is a good DPS source and give player alots bonus stats.
How pets work in Torchlight Mobile :
– Pet has 3 skills, that have chance to trigger. You don’t have to buy spells and equip spell to pets anymore.
– There are 3 kind of pet : Fire, Thunder, Earth. If player equip 2 pets, there is a Ultimate Pet’s Skills will unlock. There are 9 Ultimate skills depend on what element of pet player equiping.
– There are many pets than PC version, and pet has rank and rarety.
– Each pet have a diffrent stats and animation, and skills.
– It’s not like pets in Torchligh 2 (PC), Pet in Mobile version can be killed in dungeons, then it will come back to you when you return to town.
– Pets in Torchlight Mobile can not transform anymore, the fish that you caught can be use to increase pets Level.
– Pets don’t sell or buy goods for player.
– There no equipment for pets.
So basicly to say, pets in Torchlight Mobile was completely change, it become more useful than pets PC in term of DPS.
If you love Torchligh Mobile, you want English version, wait for it : http://www.torchlightmobile.com/
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