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Soul Worker is an anime action MMORPG which takes place in the Cloudrealm, providing cinematic-level gameplay developed by Lion Games (Korea). Players will learn about the fate of the city and the reason for the disappearance of all inhabitants through the course of the game, as well as possibly finding a way to reverse this catastrophe.

Players only could get access to Soul Worker Online Korean (2013) and Japanese Server (July, 2015) at the moment. Lion Games had announced the NA/EU server will be published by Gameforge, besides Shanda Games operates Chinese server (灵魂武器) , but it's still unknown when NA/EU and CN will be released.

Here is the guide about How To Register, Download and Install/Play Soul Worker Japanese server from anywhere on 2016.

Although there are many news about Soul Worker Online could be searched over the Internet, I also wanna introduce this tutorial to newers of Soul Worker Online Japanese Server outside Japan.Meanwhile,Soul Worker Japanese server will be getting a major update on December 7.

Players need to VPN to get access to Soul Worker JP Online cause this game IP block. Moreover, a online game ping booster is necessity for great gameplay experience, Lonlife Booster could help players bypass packet shaping, restrictions with low ping from anywhere.

Step 1. Registration

Head to Hangame site (Need a VPN) to create one account to play Soul Worker Japanese Online like following:

Step 2. Download and Install

Plz refer to >> this article << to learn howto download and install Soul Worker JP Online outside Japan.

Step 3. Play Soul Worker Japanese with low ping

Lonlife Accelerator could cut off latency between Japan and other countries, stable connection and resolve pocket loss. Lonlife is said to be the best online game ping booster for players.

>>> Click here to know How To Play Soul Worker Japanese server from anywhere with low ping by Lonlife.

Not only Japanese server players could reduce ping, but Korean server of Soul Worker Online also could be cut off latency even during peak time or far away from Japan/Korea.

Happy Gaming!

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