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Closers Online ( Korean: 클로저스 ) is an anime MMORPG developed by Naddic Games and published by Korean company NEXON, which also has servers in Indonesia(Megaxus), Japan(Sega) and China(TianCity).

The free-to-play fast-paced 3D action game is very popular worldwide even western players don't know the language in-game accurately.

Many western players complained that it is difficult to play Closers Online Korean server for account and IP block. Korean phone number and Citizen ID be needed to register Closers KR.

Moreover you need a Game Ping Booster to fix high ping issue to get a great gameplay experience.

Highly recommend Lonlife Booster to you guys cause the program not only a ping reducer but a tool could unblock your IP to register and play Closers KR even not located in Korea.

So just follow me to Play Closers Korean server quickly and smoothly around the world.

Part 1. Get Closers KR account

Closers KR official site: http://closers.nexon.com/main/index.aspx

Part 2. Fix IP block and High Ping Issue

As said before, IP block and laggy issue will be a big trouble while you playing Closers KR when you not living out in Korea. Lonlife Booster is a good tool could help you to unblock IP to enter game and fix lag in-game to improve the game performance.

Step 1. Created a Lonlife account

Step 2. Download and Install Lonlife

Step 3.Top Up Lonlife

Lonlife is a paid ping reducer. Well,  'Good' and 'free' don't get along too well.

It's easy to do these cause lonlife website supports English.

Step 4. Unblock IP and Reduce Ping

Set up Lonlife client after downloaded and installed successfully.

Click here to learn the details about How To Unblock IP and Reduce ping >>>

Then what you need to do is launch Closers KR client and you will enter game smoothly and get fast and stable connection cause it could be unblocked IP and accelerated by Lonlife automatically.

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