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JX Online 3 New Year version was released on January 19th, 2017 to celebrate Spring Festival.

Time-limited sale Red Hair '红弦别夜' , luxurious costume/cloak '盘龙凤舞' and cute chick pets are open to all gamers around the world. Moreover, gamers can participate in the annual folk activities of Spring Festival during January 19th and February 20th. New scenes in-game '天街灯市’ will show prosperity of Tang dynasty.

Check this video to learn more info about JX Online 3 New Year :

JX Online 3 New Year : http://zt.jx3.xoyo.com/zt/2017/01/18/jx3Topic01/page_appearance.html

Folk Activities of Spring Festival:


Limited time promotion :


Gorgeous Appearance:


Spring Festival Red Hair - '红弦别夜'

Lolita Red Hair

Woman Red Hair

Man Red Hair

Shota Red Hair

Spring Festival Luxurious Cloak - '盘龙凤舞'

Luxurious Cloak '盘龙凤舞' is limited sales in all Main Server - Telecom 17000 suits, China Netcom 3000 suits from 20:30 on January 19th (GMT+8).

To meet the demand, JX Online 3 team will add 10000 suits cloak by activities - Telecom 8500 suits, China Netcom 1500 suits after January 23th.

JX Online 3 official site: http://xw.jx3.xoyo.com/

How To Play JX Online 3 with slow ping outside China (Fix High ping issue) : http://www.lonlife.cn/en/index

JX Online 3 News (ENGLISH ) : http://jx3.waiplay.com/

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