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Mr Oscar Tao helps the young to use internet and study e-commerence in Jiangxi province China

Mr. Oscar Tao visited the poverty county to make a lecture about his successful experience of being a cross-border ***** entrepreneur. He hopes that Chinese young people should get motivated and learnt about how to find the road to wealth.

Shangrao, the ancient name is Xinzhou, gets its name from “the rareness and superior wealth”, to have the fame of wealth land, while it happens to be a poverty county.

It is said that under the leadership of the province and county government, Shangrao has been strive to develop its network, e-commerce and rural by-products, and in the next year it will get rid of the name of poverty. To improve the local products sales circumstances, the e-commerce foundation was hereby established, and Mr. Oscar Tao made his lecture right in the e-commerce foundatio

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Why not take part in TOJTO to meet china wholesale buy online

tojto mall

Hello, guys, are you worried about finding the reliable Chinese wholesale website? Are you in trouble getting the qualified goods for your Amazon, E-bay, Wish or Aliexpress online shops? You might be a well-experienced person in operating your corporation. Or maybe you are an Amazon shop owner who often discuss about your products with your clients. Or you are a starter for your new ***** who are looking for a brand new cross border trading *****, however, you are oppressed because of lacking information for Chinese wholesale market.

Now I can tell you, there is a place that provides you with any information you want to know about Chinese wholesale market, including: Chinese suppliers, Chinese factories, Chinese government policy, Chinese wholesalers’ information, Chinese

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