MMORPGs and Alternative Leveling Methods

By: DanielCsaki posted at Feb 15, 2016 10:24 pm

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Leveling in MMORPGs seems to be gradually speeding up as the industry moves on. Many games have released updates that have significantly decreased the time required to reach max level.

In the early age of MMORPGs, the leveling process was a far more important aspect of a game and it was not uncommon that it could take up to months to complete it. Nowadays, we are fed with games that are clearly simplified in many ways, and leveling tends to be one of them.

Many of you surely remember the good old WoW times when leveling was not something you could get over in 1-2 days. This sped up character progression keeps strengthening the power leveling playstyle.

Questing is a part of MMORPGs that developers often fail to do well which leads to players attempting to find other methods to level up their characters as soon as possible. Aion, for example, used to be a game where leveling was often a nightmare and the changes that NCSoft has managed to implement actually improved the game up to the point when the new zones had arrived, completely removing the previous areas from level 60-65. This left new players confused and slowed down due to not being able to find enough quests to do.

In Aion, most people level up their characters by rushing through the initial 30 levels with the help of a mentor or perhaps by soloing instances from level 25. From this point, you can rush through the campaign quests and do a bit of grinding which will quickly get you to level 52, where the Beshmundir Temple soloing or duo-ing begins.

In other games like ArcheAge, you can rapidly get to level 50 with things like spending Labor through crafting or grinding mobs and opening purses. After level 50, you must be prepared to face a significantly slower leveling rate, which is usually survived by grinding dailies in Ayanad Library and by joining open-world events such as Crimson Rift.

Guild Wars 2 is another example of being able to skip the traditional leveling ways, and if you have some gold to spare you can max out your character within hours through crafting.

World of Warcraft also has some built-in alternatives to leveling, especially with the use of the introduced tradable Exp. boost potions. You can basically do tons of quests in a zone, but not complete them, then pop the 2 potions (Elixir of Rapid Mind and Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning)  and run through a planned route to quickly hand them in with the boosted experience gain, and also do the bonus objectives while you are at it.

All of these current MMO habits are clearly the result of the accelerating gaming trends and the need for simplified game structures. But does this really entertain us as well as it did in the good old times when you actually read the quest text and gradually discovered the bits and pieces of the background story?

I might be too slow in keeping up with the current gaming trends and many of you will surely disagree with my point of view, but I really miss the times when leveling and progressing through the content was not a race, but a source of entertainment and players did not strive to find exploits to level up faster.

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