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Cheating forms in MMOs are probably the worst of them all, since not only do they make the game easier for the hacker, but also give them disgusting advantages over others that are almost impossible to counter.

Paragon recently had a hacking tool emerge in their game and it's quite a big one. An aimbot, trigger bot, and a 2D and 3D radar were included in this hack, making their users basically undefeatable on the battlefield.

With this, quite a few questions arise, mainly whether Paragon will manage to survive such a game-breaking cheat. The aimbot on its own already can destroy the game since aiming is supposed to be the “challenging” part of it.

Another question that follows is that if Paragon has become the main target for hack developers, will these ever cease to exist? Probably only if the game ends up shutting down, as hack developers are a persistent bunch and I am quite convinced that they will continuously attempt to exploit a flawed anti-cheat system.

Paragon seemed like one of the most promising titles of the year, and honestly, I would really hate to see the game getting ruined by the usual cheating players who simply cannot do with equal chances and fair play.

Will Paragon survive these hacks? Will it be able to withstand new ones?

All of that depends on the dedication of the developer and their success or failure in improving their defensive measures in the near future. Cheaters are probably the biggest issue in a lot of MMOs right now but their communities are flourishing and there is no real power that can currently stop them efficiently.

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