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Twin Saga is the latest anime MMORPG from Aeria Games, and it could be their best one yet. So, let's talk about my impressions from the Closed Beta.

Upon entering the game, the anime type graphics will either charm you or make you not want to play the game at all, but since the genre is quite popular, this might not be an issue for many. Anyway, the MMORPG has pleasing and vibrant visuals, with colorful spell effects and fluid animations, and you don't need a powerful PC to run it either, which is always a plus.

Now, as for the character creation, it's pretty simple, nothing extraordinary or complicated. There are three starter classes in the Closed Beta, Sword Master, Mage and the Gunslinger. But, you unlock more classes as you level up and by completing certain story quests. There are also two types of levels in the game, your character level, and your class level, which felt a bit like the progression system in Final Fantasy XIV. If you didn't know, you can switch classes at any point in the game without any limitations, which provides a unique and enjoyable experience.

The English translations seemed slightly odd, but perhaps they will improve in the near future, after all, Twin Saga is still in CBT phase.

As far as combat is concerned, it's flashy and repetitive, your typical tab-targeted combat. But, there is something called the "Ultimate Move", which is a pretty commonly used name, nevertheless, once you build up your ultimate meter you can unleash a devastating and really awesome attack that will most likely just one-hit your opponent. Not that you'll need your super awesome cool Ultimate move, as the combat is fairly easy, and the game even uses your potions for you. As you level up further, you unlock companions that will aid you in battle, so, you'll have even more things to level up.

The CBT phase brought quite a few fixes from the earlier Founder's beta, which is definitely appealing and I quite convinced that by the time the game reaches OBT, most of the issues will be solved. To me, Twin Saga seems like a highly improved version of Aura Kingdom, which is the other anime-inspired MMORPG that Aeria Games is running in the western regions. For those who did not play any games from the publisher yet, this is a good way to give them a try, as they will be the ones responsible for releasing Bless Online next year, which is a highly anticipated MMORPG.

Overall, Twin Saga is not bad, maybe just a bit too easy, but definitely check it out if you're a fan of these anime MMORPGs. And don't forget, there is still a long road till the final release which means it will keep getting better. If you are one of those who managed to grab a key from our CBT giveaway, don't forget to provide constructive feedback to Aeria Games, so that they can fix those nasty bugs and translation errors.

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