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Trion decided it was time to cheer up some fans for their fantasy-themed MMORPG ArcheAge shortly after their recent major update, Patch 2.9 has arrived.

ArcheAge hosts plenty of seasonal costumes and ones that only stick around for a short while. This can easily lead to players missing out on some decent outfits that they somehow forgot to get a hold of.

The publisher decided it was time to bring back some vintage costumes in case someone failed to buy them. "Been missing an old favorite that you never got in your wardrobe? Now’s your chance to get your hands on it!" This is a great opportunity to buy some of those good old costumes that are no longer available in ArcheAge. Until June 3, you guys can also choose from plenty of lockboxes at the marketplace that include some rather pleasing updated drops like Red and Superior Red Charms.

Here is a list of the aforementioned items:

    • Mirrorshine Racing Kit
    • Classic Racing Kit
    • Flashy Racing Kit
    • Battlescarred Chest
    • Chimera Agent’s Stash
    • Fun in the Sun Giftbox
    • Wavewyrm Treasure Chest
    • Golden Harvest Crate
    • Devilish Chest
    • Hallowtide Costume Giftbox
    • Winter Maiden’s Gift
    • Service Staff’s Gift Box
    • Sailor’s Strongbox
    • Eastern Legacy Chest
    • Yata Pirate’s Treasure Chest
    • Geared Gaslamp Crate

Each costume can be purchased for a fixed price of 420 credits through the marketplace and that is perhaps an acceptable price to gain some trendy and rare looks. Hurry up and check out these awesome items before they disappear on June 3.

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