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In the last two weeks, I have been actively testing out the recently added Demon Hunter class in the pre-expansion patch for World of Warcraft.

To start off, the Demon Hunter is a class that finally seems like an addition that is not ridiculously overpowered compared to classes like the Death Knight which was quite the opposite upon release. This is of course, highly due to the fact that it is currently not a fully functional class due to the lack of some rather significant talent selections that will only be available at higher levels once Legion kicks off.

At first, I thought that Havoc would be the right choice for me and that was my first pick during the intro quest chain for the Demon Hunter. Getting your DH to level 100 is quite simple and fast. But it is a good idea to watch those fancy cutscenes if you haven’t had a chance to see them on YouTube. I personally did not like the fact that they had already been revealed way before the actual release of the class. That was quite a spoiler.

Source: TBEP

The Havoc Demon Hunter is not a bad DPS class at all, although currently it is pretty much broken due to the aforementioned missing skills. Regardless of its variety of mobility skills like the double jump, glide and so on, the Demon Hunter seems to lack survivability, especially in PvP. Honestly, I expected more life steal abilities for such a demonic class. Upon realizing that Havoc is currently not as competitive in PvP as I thought it would be, I quickly switched to the Vengeance specialization which is the tanking mode for the DH. The Vengeance DH currently seems slightly squishy, compared to other tanking classes, but along with a reasonable damage output, it also comes with more survivability, especially in terms of PvP. I also tanked a few heroic and mythic dungeons as well as some heroic HFC bosses, and for now, it seems that until the higher level talents and skills are released, the DH is not your best choice for PvE tanking for the next week or so.

The Vengeance DH does, however, seems to be great at holding aggro on larger packs of mobs and it also has decent DPS for a tank, especially on trash mobs. The DH in its current state is not the best choice for arenas either, but since the season is over, this is not really important, unless you wish to farm some PvP gear before Legion launches. The Vengeance DH is currently not too competitive in 2v2 situations, as you can easily get kited around by casters, and the HP recovery of the class seems to be significantly falling behind other classes like the Rogue and the Hunter. After about 50-60 arena matches, it seemed quite obvious that I was no match for Rogues, Mages, Warlocks and Blood DKs, and Hunters were also quite impossible to catch. The Vengeance DH seemed mostly useful against Warriors, Feral Druids, Shadow Priests and Havoc DH-s. Yes, the Vengeance DH is a great way to counter the myriad of Havoc (DPS) Demon Hunters that most players seem to have preferred since the launch of the class.

All of this will change in a little over a week’s time when Legion commences and the new skills, talents will completely reshape the class and its performance. Additionally, if you are looking to farm some legacy raids for transmogs, keep in mind that you will have to wait a bit after creating your character (24 hours in my case) to be allowed to enter. This is probably to counter people who intended to farm gold with Demon Hunters by constantly deleting their characters after the legacy raids have been cleared.

All in all, the Demon Hunter, even in its incomplete state, is a really enjoyable class, and regardless of the fact that most new players went for the Havoc (DPS) DH, I personally found the Vengeance spec far more entertaining and dynamic. Once again, I am truly thankful to GamesDeal for providing me with a Legion expansion.

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