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Were you looking for an anime fighter game with over 13 playable characters? Then look no further as Koihime Enbu has just arrived on Steam and it is extraordinary.

Degica is bringing us an anime-inspired 2D fighting game with loveable visuals that will get you addicted almost instantly. Koihime Enbu was originally an arcade fighting game and has just kicked off on Steam. This ensures a functional and enjoyable fighting system that is clearly well-polished.

The game is based on the extremely popular Koihime Musou visual novel that presents a world where most characters are female. Koihime Enbu is a ground-based 2D action fighting game that brings joy in both single and multiplayer modes. The fast-paced combat results in an action-packed experience in which your fingers will be put to the test.

In this amazing game, you will also find an online ranking system along with ranked matchmaking and a local versus mode. The innovative Fatal Counter system provides players with awesome combo opportunities that will gain you a competitive edge.

Hurry up and grab a copy at the Steam Store as the game launched with a 15% sale promotion that ends on May 26. Ifyou end up playing the game, share your experiences in the comments section below.
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