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If you haven't been introduced to the For Honor then this is the place to be. To keep it simple, it's an action-packed game that lets you choose from three different factions. The Knights, the Vikings, and the Samurais are in constant battle and by choosing one of them you are helping them reach ultimate dominance. The game offers versatile combat styles, each representing a faction.

Since the game is categorized as part of the hack-and-slash genre, the fighting is intense and reaction based. So, if you are the owner of the good reflexes, For Honor might just be your kind of game.

Even though Ubisoft introduced us to the game last year they came back better and stronger to E3 2016. This time, they revealed glimpses of the campaign for the Knights and the Vikings.

Giancarlo Varanini, the Senior Communication Manager and Mikel Reparaz, Editor for Ubisoft's blog had the chance to try out the campaign. 

“What I noticed this time around is that my confidence with the Art of Battle gave me time to think differently about how I wanted to attack. In fact, I’d say I was able to plan at least two three moves ahead this time around, thinking “attack right side, then left, then right, counter, then up” whereas before it was 'block, block, block, maybe counter.'”

If you'd like to read the full post, you can do so by heading over to the official Ubi Blog article here

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