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Legion's Pre-Expansion Patch has recently arrived and oh boy did we get a lot of stuff to do.

Let's start off with the Legion's Invasion. Around the second or third week of August , you get to face some angry looking  invaders that drop out of the skies over Azeroth. It's up to us players to head out as quickly as possible to lend a hand in the fight against the invaders. Each demon invasion has four stages, and each stage will reward you with Nethershards and sometimes even with a chest. That's more than enough reasons to go out and fight the Legion! As time goes on the Legion’s invasion will grow in scale. This increases your chances to complete the event-only achievements Stand Against The Legion (for completing one invasion) and Defender of Azeroth: Legion Invasions (for completing invasions in all six locations). Also, make sure to collect as many Nethershards as you can as you can spend them on all sorts of transmogrification goodies.

Ok, that's enough of the invasions, what else did we get in this patch? We got some stylish new features. Now every piece of gear that is bound to your character permanently unlocks the appearance of that item, for you. So even if you sell or destroy the item, you can always look through the new Appearances tab in the Collections window to remind yourself of its appearance. To actually change your look, you need to visit a Transmogrification vendor.

There I noticed that they updated the Transmogrification vendor’s interface with both a new look and new features! Selecting a gear slot will now give you a preview of all of the different looking gear that your character can apply to the look of that slot. Find the one that you like and then click „Apply“ to finish. Different looks can be saved as ‘Outfits’, so you can change into a different Outfit anytime you like. I also noticed that you can save a different Outfit for each of your specializations, so when you change specs, your Outfit will automatically change with it! Adventure Journal is the best way to look for full sets of gear or amazing Legendary items, and where to find them.

I am very grateful to GamesDeal for providing a Legion expansion to check out the new content fully. The pre-expansion patch already indicates that we are in for one of the best set of changes that have been made to World of Warcraft for a very long time and many of you are probably as excited about Legion as I am, and of course, can't wait to get my hands on the Demon Hunter in mid-August.

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