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Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG is one of those games that managed to maintain a pleasing player base both in size and in nature.

Final Fantasy XIV has one of the best communities that I have encountered and it is much harder to spot the usual toxicity that is not uncommon nowadays. Polygon recently revealed that Microsoft has approached Square Enix about bringing their game to Xbox One consoles.

Gamers who are loyal to the Xbox One must be rather pleased with this idea but they are not the only ones. Final Fantasy XIV received a really well-optimized PS4 version and it would most likely work well on the Xbox One as well.

Expanding the game on to more platforms would probably result in an even bigger player base than what the game already has. As Square Enix keeps on pleasing players with constant updates, expansions and new jobs to level, its happy community would further grow from am Xbox One conversion.

If Square Enix and Microsoft manage to strike the deal, it would probably not take too long for the Xbox Version to arrive since they only have to apply a few changes to the PS4 edition. But of course it is not that simple, however, knowing Square Enix and its tendency to get things done in no time, we probably won’t have to wait too long.

I am really excited about Microsoft’s idea and it is highly likely that we’ll get to see an Xbox One version of Final Fantasy XIV arriving later this year.

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