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Overon Station is planning to bring an extraordinary experience. As the developer's Kickstarter project indicates, an epic sci-fi themed game is heading our way, Dome City.

The story-driven, multiplayer VR adventure game has recently been posted on Kickstarter, and we believe that it deserves far more attention than it has received so far. Just by looking at the project's trailer, you can already see that Dome City is a title that should have been thought of long ago. The whole atmosphere of the game feels so realistic and logical even if it is fictional and well in the future.

Dome City attempts to convey a situation in which you are stuck in an abandoned city on Mars and your main task is to survive. The game's story is claimed to be non-linear which means that your personal choices matter and all of this is run on the popular Unreal Engine 4 that ensures pleasing visuals.

Dome City is based on the Hungarian writer István Nemere's sci-fi novel, The Secret of the Dome City. Through this game, and perhaps future ones, the developers are striving to create exciting games that are based on similar novels in order to show that even a small country such as Hungary has nifty things to show off with.

We believe that any creative and talented developer team deserves a chance to let others see their ideas and creations, and therefore, I strongly advise you guys to head over to the official Kickstarter page of Dome City and take a look around. I can ensure you, there are plenty of promising features to discover.

If you are a fan of the sci-fi genre and don't mind getting the chance to play a truly amazing VR single- and multiplayer game, then it is probably a good idea to back Overon Station's project and help them in achieving their dreams. We have included below a list of rewards that you can obtain, should you decide to back the project.

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