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Everyone knows that Fruit Ninja game where you slash away at fruit with various blades, right?

Something akin to that has arrived for the HTC Vive. Candy Smash VR is its name, and it's what you would expect from a candy smashing VR game. From the trailer, it actually looks quite enjoyable, even though its a blatant rip off of Fruit Ninja. The candies look mostly like some fruits from Fruit Ninja, but I guess the color palettes are responsible for that. The stick or bat with which you hit the candy feels like a sword, as you seem to cut the candy instead of breaking it apart.

"Satisfy your hacking and slashing needs in colorful and mushy candy world. Experience the most fun you can have with VR and HTC Vive controllers smashing stuff!"

The music in the trailer also reminds me of that Nyan Cat, hyper rainbow dance music, which is quite fitting considering the graphics of the game. By that, I mean that the colors are bright and intense, so I wonder if it will hurt your eyes when you play the game for a longer period of time through a HTC Vive.

The game launched on Steam on July 26, published and developed by Wadup Games. Until August 2, you can grab a copy for around $8, which is not bad for a VR game. If any of you has the chance to play it, please share your thoughts below.

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