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Somewhat of a free-to-play version of World of Warcraft, Allods Online manages to keep itself alive among newer MMORPG's.

Launched way back on May 11, 2011, it kept getting updated so, in terms of content, there is plenty. It has many traditional MMORPG elements such as quests, NPCs, dungeons and so on. But it also offers quite a lot of short-cuts in its cash shop, making it somewhat pay-to-win. Don't get me wrong, you can accomplish plenty of things without paying a dime, but it will take a long, long grind to do so. The P2W aspect is firmly integrated into the game, so for the best possible experience, while playing, you're going to have to invest some money.

Besides that, Allods does have some fairly interesting segments like the ability to build ships and sail around in a massive magical space called the "Astral". In there, players can fight other players in ship-to-ship combat. Discovering new zones like the Goblin Republic that cannot be reached any other way is also something you can do in the Astral. The ships also have individual crew stations which can be operated by multiple players on the same ship together. Recently, a huge new update has arrived and it's called New Order. The level cap has been increased, classes have been revamped and new story elements have been revealed.

So, is Allods Online worth playing nowadays? If you want an F2P WoW clone then you could play it. But why would you play the clone when you can play the original. You're probably going to end up spending money on it since it's F2P model is harsh on non-paying players. The game does have some unique points on its own, but it might not be enough to attract newer players. The traditional MMORPGs are a slightly declining breed, their combat is boring and their quests are generic and stale. World of Warcraft is still lingering, but others, like Allods Online, could slowly cease to exist as time goes on and new innovational ideas arrive.

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