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A blend of science fiction and mythology is what makes the world of G.O.D., also known as Guardians of Divinity. It's a browser-based MMOARPG developed by 37Games.

In this game, players take the role of a fallen God, and your mission is to defeat various other treacherous Gods and take their powers to be your own. Yes, you heard me, after defeating a God, you transform into one to defeat waves of enemies with your new godlike abilities.

You have only three classes to choose from, and they are your usual Mage, Archer, and Warrior. Not much to choose from, but at least their abilities are well-constructed and are relatively satisfying visually.

Doing loads of quests and killing countless monsters will probably bore you quickly enough, and so the game has an auto-combat system as well as an auto-movement one. Just turn these on, relax, go grab a drink and wait for your character to do all the work for you. 

Of course, the game features dungeons and various bosses for you to tackle by yourself or with the help of other players. The early mobs or bosses don't seem to be a problem for solo play, but as you progress, things might just get a little more challenging. The game also has a system where you collect technology and then build your own space vessel to attack other players from other factions, which is pretty neat!

Guardians of Divinity has solid visuals for a browser MMO and a pleasing soundtrack, so go try it out if you have nothing better to do.

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