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No Man’s Sky is one of those recently released games that players were eagerly waiting to get their hands on. Looking at the feedback that players have been posting on various forums and Steam, No Man’s Sky is currently not exactly what many expected it to be.

I decided to investigate why so many are complaining and here are my first thoughts about the game.

After quite a few hours of gameplay, I must say that No Man’s Sky is not a bad game, fundamentally. It is all about exploring and logical thinking. The game is claimed to take place in a galaxy shared by other players, but that does not make it a multiplayer game. In fact, NMS is an extremely lonely game. The combat in this fancy survival game is not exactly what I expected it to be, and it is more of a disappointment. One of the first irritating parts is managing inventory space. The whole “harvest minerals up to the point where a sentinel starts to attack you” part really did not manage to please me either, although this could be a great solution to preserving Earth’s resources in real life.

The developer definitely deserves credit for creating this enormous world that is procedural and gives you a realistic view of nature and its beauty. After getting my first experiences with NMS, I began to feel like it is still in an incomplete state and clearly requires more effort from Hello Games to head towards success. Exploring the first few planets can actually be entertaining, but after reaching your fourth, fifth planet, one might begin to feel slightly bored of this endless cycle.

Visually, No Man’s Sky is quite impressive, especially if you look at how they managed to construct the landscapes. Discovering new wildlife also adds a lot to the game, especially when they turn out to be carnivores.

What seems to be a common pattern in the comments that people have left on Steam is that they feel like they have been “fooled” by the developer with false advertising. The price of No Man’s Sky also feels a bit too much for such a game and many players have decided to go for a refund on Steam after giving it a try. Some players are also complaining about the lack of a firm background story and that you can achieve the BiS equipment too easily. Mysteries and obstacles seem to be repetitive and generic in many cases.

For now, I believe that No Man’s Sky is an incomplete game that will only get better reviews and feedback if the developer manages to fulfil its earlier promises. 

I will definitely give it a bit more time to possibly impress me, but for now, I would give it 6/10 tops. I am grateful to SCDKey for providing me with a copy of the game.

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