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Overwatch – Soldier:76 is Highly Addictive

As I am slowly progressing through Overwatch’s competitive mode, I decided to bring you guys a few of my experiences with my current favorite hero, Soldier:76. I usually record most of my gaming, not to share with others, but mainly to analyze my own play style and attempt to improve it.

Since I stacked up about 10-12 hours of footage for Soldier:76, I decided to share with you guys a montage of my favorite and perhaps less pleasing situations, and you can watch this below. I am already prepared for the myriad of criticizing comments, but I thought you guys might just enjoy watching me fail in Overwatch.

I must admit, Soldier:76 is probably one of the easier heroes, but it is ideal for true shooter fans due to its playstyle that revolves around an assault rifle-like weapon, a pulse rifle.

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Will Paragon Survive The Emerging Hacks?

Cheating forms in MMOs are probably the worst of them all, since not only do they make the game easier for the hacker, but also give them disgusting advantages over others that are almost impossible to counter.

Paragon recently had a hacking tool emerge in their game and it's quite a big one. An aimbot, trigger bot, and a 2D and 3D radar were included in this hack, making their users basically undefeatable on the battlefield.

With this, quite a few questions arise, mainly whether Paragon will manage to survive such a game-breaking cheat. The aimbot on its own already can destroy the game since aiming is supposed to be the “challenging” part of it.

Another question that follows is that if Paragon has become the main target for hack developers, will these ever cease to exist? Probably onl

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Legion's Soundtrack is Superior

Every game needs a good soundtrack. No matter how good the gameplay, the graphics, and the mechanics are, it can all fail if a soundtrack is trash. Action games need something fast and upbeat, horrors need something dark and grimy, and MMORPGs like World of Warcraft need an epic fantasy soundtrack that will push you into the game's world and wrap you up in all the fantasy elements of its universe.

From the first Warcraft to present day, Blizzard never failed at implementing awesome and spectacular soundtracks for their games. Everyone remembers how Wrath of the Lich King had a bone-chilling soundtrack, that could freeze your whole being while listening to it. The whole game gained quite an ominous feel with that music, making the battle with the Lich King much more intense and one to reme

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Should HotS Have an Item-Buying System Like Other MOBAs?

One of the major reasons why Heroes of the Storm is so interesting to me is its talent system. You don't have items in the game, none at all, just talents you get every level to choose from. Recently, a friend asked the above question from me and it got me thinking.

Did Blizzard do that just to be unique, to make a MOBA without items? Well yes and no. They were very rational with their approach.  The struggle was real, as they couldn't figure out what their item shop would be like. "Pretty much all of the MOBAs out there have items shops, so should we have one?" was the question the developers probably asked themselves. But why would Arthas buy another sword when he has Frostmourne? At one point they most likely ditched the item shop completely and started fiddling with the talen

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Melee Combat Animations in Legion Are One of the Biggest Improvements

The current combat animations in World of Warcraft are, well, let's just say not spectacular. My problem with the melee classes was mainly that it never really felt like you were actually hitting your target. I mean, you are playing a bulky big orc who is wielding a huge two handed sword. The hits with that should pack some weight and leave a mark. The sad reality is that it feels like hitting a plushie animal with a rubber bat. That kind of thing really breaks the immersion, and some people really like to immerse themselves while playing.

Blizzard apparently noticed this and is fixing it in the Legion expansion that is coming on August 30th. Auto attack and abilities, both are getting a makeover to feel far more authentic and realistic. Now every strike feels heavy, accompanied with ne

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Lifesteal and Spellvamp in Leauge of Legends

Stealing life with attacks is something that has always been popular in games. It is most common in role-playing games, with vampiric characters and more. Casting spells that drain the life of your foe and transfers it to you is also something we saw quite often.

League of Legends has both, lifesteal and spellvamp. Now this is the sort of mechanic that is hard to balance in MOBAs, as some characters can be downright broken with it. Let's say, that for each auto attack against an enemy, you heal for a percent of damage dealt. Now if you&nb

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5 DotA 2 Heroes That Need to be Nerfed

DotA 2 is always striving for balance, as much as it can be achieved. That sometimes works, and sometimes it doesn't. Let's talk about five heroes that may just be too strong and the cases where balancing kind of failed.

As number 5, we see the return of Axe. His Counter Helix now deals damage pure damage instead of physical, the damage was reduced a bit but this is huge for Axe. This means that armor and block mechanics won't work against it, making carries buy BKB just not to kill themselves while attacking Axe. Blade Mail also got an update and now it returns damage before any kind of reduction is applied.

Lifestealer is number 4, and his buff is small, but the impact it makes is quite large. His&nb

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Will Paragon Manage to Compete with The Established Smite?

Third-person MOBAs are still quite new to the gaming scene. SMITE launched 2 years ago, on March 25, 2014, being something unique for that time, it made quite a solid, stable player base.

Paragon is here to challenge the right to be the third-person MOBA king. Being the second, newly released game, it brings phenomenal graphics to the table. On that front, SMITE can't even touch Paragon, it would be the same as comparing the old Super Mario with the new one. There is one thing that SMITE has over Paragon, and that is the player base. Since it is already 2 years old, it made a firm player base and even has a scene on E-sports. Those things are quite crucial to a game, as having the best graphics and the flashiest effects won't mean anything if there's no one to play it.

Paragon has its g

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This is How Competitive Mode in Overwatch Changed Player Behavior

As some of you might have read my earlier posts on Overwatch, you’ll know that I have been messing around in the game for quite a while now.

My early experiences with Overwatch’s community was somewhat pleasant. When playing Quick Matches, it was not really common to bump into raging players, who say beautiful things about one’s mother and how they would love to spend time with her.

The “early experiences” is emphasized here,  because things drastically changed when the competitive mode was finally introduced.

Many of you were probably excited on the day the competitive patch was released, and so was I, right until I queued up for my first match. Before I tell you exactly what happened, I want to do a bit of explanation.

In the first season of Overwatch’s competitive mode, player

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SWTOR: Ups and Downs Along the Way

Probably every living thing on the planet knows about Star Wars, the titles that changed the very foundations of moviemaking and live happily within our hearts. Throughout the years many Star Wars themed games came and passed by, but one game is still very live and gathers many players and fans together. Of course, we are talking about Star Wars: The Old Republic.

After big RPG hit, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel, this MMORPG was released as a game that strived to compete with World of Warcraft. At first, the game had a monthly subscription, but after the hype passed by, only a few players stayed. To keep the game rolling, BioWare decided to release this game as a free-to-play to some extent. But, it seems that this was still not enough. Too much content was restri

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