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Vulpine: A Nifty Game on Kickstarter

Think about this for a minute. Vulpine is an open-world game where you hunt for food, gather resources, search for signs of lost civilization, fight vicious monsters and explore dungeons. We have plenty of those around, so where's the twist? The twist is in the fact that you play as animals. Yes, you can play as a fox, wolf, bear, rabbit, and more. Now that's something completely different unless you want to talk about that goat simulator...

The graphics seem really unique, charming and captivating. You don't need mind blowing semi-realistic graphics in a game like this since the gameplay is the thing that should interest you the most.

There are three weapons in Vulpine: Spear, Sword, and Hammer. Each animal can use every weapon, so there are no restrictions on that. But, the weapon's sp

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Twin Saga Closed Beta First Thoughts

Twin Saga is the latest anime MMORPG from Aeria Games, and it could be their best one yet. So, let's talk about my impressions from the Closed Beta.

Upon entering the game, the anime type graphics will either charm you or make you not want to play the game at all, but since the genre is quite popular, this might not be an issue for many. Anyway, the MMORPG has pleasing and vibrant visuals, with colorful spell effects and fluid animations, and you don't need a powerful PC to run it either, which is always a plus.

Now, as for the character creation, it's pretty simple, nothing extraordinary or complicated. There are three starter classes in the Closed Beta, Sword Master, Mage and the Gunslinger. But, you unlock more classes as you level up and by completing certain story quests. There ar

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Last Stitch Goodnight: Kickstarter Project Preview

If you like side-scrolling action adventure games with really twisted and weird stories, Last Stich Goodnight might just be the game for you.

The game's story revolves around you being kidnapped by some strange doctor who experiments only on people who satisfy his creepy criteria. And that happened after your character had a near-death, out-of-body experience. Now, your goal will be to escape the doctor’s laboratory, with the help of new weapons, powers, and a strong stomach, because you're about to witness science gone wrong.

Now you might be wondering, who will you be facing as your enemies. Well, you aren’t the first one to go through this, as the doctor imprisoned and experimented on others before you, and you are forced to fight your way through these other lab rats. And, let's just say that they aren't as pretty as you are. The laboratory holds an entire army of failed experiments for you to fight. You won't just be fighting scientifically made monsters, as every weapon i

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Candy Smash VR Arrives on Steam

Everyone knows that Fruit Ninja game where you slash away at fruit with various blades, right?

Something akin to that has arrived for the HTC Vive. Candy Smash VR is its name, and it's what you would expect from a candy smashing VR game. From the trailer, it actually looks quite enjoyable, even though its a blatant rip off of Fruit Ninja. The candies look mostly like some fruits from Fruit Ninja, but I guess the color palettes are responsible for that. The stick or bat with which you hit the candy feels like a sword, as you seem to cut the candy instead of breaking it apart.

"Satisfy your hacking and slashing needs in colorful and mushy candy world. Experience the most fun you can have with VR and HTC Vive controllers smashing stuff!"

The music in the trailer also reminds me of that N

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Book of Demons Looks Promising

Do you like deck-building and hack and slashing? Add that to an adventure game and you get Book of Demons.

One of the most interesting features of this game is that it allows you set the length of its quests using the Flexiscope™ system. So doesn't matter if you have 5, 10 minutes or half an hour, you're the one who sets the limit.

I mentioned deck building, as here you collect powerful skill cards and combine them to destroy any enemies you face. So assemble your own  set of devastating powers and use them in the best way possible! But don't think that all cards work the same in different scenarios, so be prepared  to adjust.

Book of Demons' story revolves around your usual good versus evil, and of course, you also have to save the world from total destruction. Yeah, that so

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Meet Foxhole: A New MMO Project

Foxhole is quite an interesting name for a title. Could it be a hide-and-seek game? Not really, it's actually a massively multiplayer game where you work with hundreds of other players to shape the outcome of a persistent and gritty online war. This game is the ultimate collaboration between strategy and tactics. Every action you take could become a powerful and permanent effect in a vast world constantly at war.

So what are the main features of this game? Well, for example, there's something called Player Directed Warfare - where every soldier is controlled by a player. So players pretty much become the content. The game is in sandbox mode, and players will determine the narrative of the long-term war. Emergent strategies and tactics are the things that make every part of this war feel

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Zero Escape - Zero Time Dilemma: Time To Flip a Coin

It's been three years since the last Zero Escape game went live, and now after the long wait, the final sequel is here. At some point in time, there was some talk about stopping the development of the game, but fortunately, the massive support of the fans kept it going.

For those who might not know, the Zero Escape game is something similar to the SAW movies, where you need to solve the puzzles if you want to stay alive, but eventually, someone dies. The combination of psychological games and the unrest that is created while you play the game is definitely something people will enjoy.

The game starts with 9 people locked in metal chambers and all of them have wrist watches. Some of them will be familiar to players that completed earlier games but don't worry if you hadn’t.  As it

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Dex in a Nutshell

Since Steam's Summer Sale is reaching its peak some of the little-known titles are emerging from the vast sea of discounts. One of those is Dex, an open-world cyberpunk RPG coming from Dreadlocks Ltd. a developer that likes to combine new technologies with old-school ways.

This game has a 2D, side-scrolling gameplay, that some old gamers know and love because it brings back some great memories. Story-wise, the game is focused around our main girl, Dex and she needs your help. The world is captured by an enigmatic AI that wants to bring the end to mankind and overtake the world. Dex's storyline takes place at Harbor Prime, the city where our hero resides.

Our main mission will be to take down this AI and nothing must stand between us and our goal. Dex is a fast learner, so she will be

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Epic Tavern: An Innovational Game on Kickstarter

Once again Kickstarter shows us the impact it has on many developers out there, who have some original and clever ideas for video games. One of these games is Epic Tavern. It has over 1,300 backers and it already gathered more funds than planned. But, what is Epic Tavern?

Have you ever heard about the fantasy management-RPG genre? Me neither. But, it seems that this game is just that. The main trait of this RPG is that you are a simple tavern manager. Remember those guys you go to when you need to pick up a quest or need to refill your storage with fresh beverages and food that will heal you during the combat. Well, this is the same thing, but you are on the other side of the bar.

In this game, you will be the one that will provide heroes with useful information, cold alcoholic drinks,

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Gigantic: Here Comes The Stress Test

The proof that Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook can make a difference is the story ahead of us. The game Gigantic might be familiar to some, but for those who don't know it's a third-person action-MOBA that allows you to battle with 16 versatile heroes against enormous Guardians.

The developing team has announced that a stress test is upon us. To be more precise, the stress test will begin on the morning of June 30th and they are welcoming anyone who wants to participate to join in and have some fun. This is really good news since both PC and console players will have the chance to have a taste for the game.

So, if you are interested, you can try the game and be part of something big, simply by signing up for this stress test on GoGigantic.com  or directly on Arc

This sign u

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