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Shadows of Kurgansk: A Survival Game in Early Access

Adventure combined together with survival and horror elements? That's essentially what Shadows of Kurgansk is.

Your only goal in this game is to stay alive and find the way out of this hellhole, all while fighting various monsters and completing many story driven missions. But staying alive in a place like this is pretty hard, so you will need to hunt, gather supplies, and even build storages and shelters to help you with that. You can also create tools, clothes, and equipment to improve your chances of survival in this harsh environment. Being comfortable in the Zone is not exactly something that's possible since the atmosphere changes once the night comes. Eventually, you'll start dying over and over again.

So what does Shadows of Kurgansk have to offer? Zombies. Yes in this atmosphe

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MU Origin: What To Expect From This Mobile Game

So how do MMORPGs fair on mobile devices? Pretty well it seems since the classic Korean MMORPG MU Online is soon launching the mobile spin-off called MU Origin.

The game is an action MMORPG with a hard focus on dungeons, spells that take up your entire screen, and really fast and smooth leveling. MU Origin currently has three classes and those are the Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, and the Elf.

Your adventure will take you through quite a lot of dungeons. You have Story Dungeons, Daily Dungeons, Party Dungeons, and the Endless Tower available for leveling up and having fun along the way. This will give you quite a lot to do, so you'll never feel like there is nothing left to accomplish. MU Origin really feels like an isometric PC MMORPG, as it brings all of the features you would expect from tho

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