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Here are some unwanted poptropica accounts of mine i know people are gonna bann them or change the passwords so please don't because everyone wants to have a go and btw whoever changes passwords are LLAMA'S ok??

Allright for girls-

This is a 15 year old account just new. Here it is..



Will take like a week or so to finish all islands so plz don't bug me. The features of store items are Holiday ball, Graduate , Brithday ballon , Classic flavoured popgum, Earth day don't be an energy hog, Avatar studio and a little candy cane. Thoose were featured for free on the store items so plz feel free to buy whatever you want with credits. Plz message me if you want credits.

Also i have a member i will not give it to you unless you comment me. It has all the free items and mythology surfer avatar costume. And has completed all the islands but just not cryptids. Remember COMMENT ME BEFORE YOU GET THE ACCOUNT.

For boys-

I will tell l8r cuz don't have any(hello i am a girl)



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