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Last Tuesday, the latest patch in Heroes of Newerth showed up, and with it, a new hero, alongside a bunch of balance changes and the usual awful avatars for your delightfulness.

Take a few minutes of your life to check out these nice features…

I can't even imagine how annoying it must be

to make that massive braid every day.



Imagine for a moment that old Tauren Chieftain from the original Defense of the Ancients map. Now, transmute him into a human, and add a bunch of abilities taken right from the Shaman from World of Warcraft. Presto, you have a new character for HoN! Phew, they're going to need a break after that much effort.

Creativity aside, the hero is certainly a fresh new addition, because he's Intelligence and can work as a carry, ganker, suicide, or even a tank. And since he's melee, it could bring a couple of different strategies into the game. Only time will tell…

For now, I've seen him in most of my games and I'm not impressed. But, he's new, so the players are still learning how to use him. One thing is certain: he can be a very efficient suicide thanks to his Spirit Walk.

What is that, you ask? Oh, right, I haven't explained his abilities yet. Basically, he's a Shaman from WoW: he can spam totems that can damage, stun, or heal; he can also perform a Spirit Walk, similar to Aluna's, but with a fixed damage involved. Also, his passive ability allows him to do extra damage to his enemies, and his ultimate provides a massive buff to everyone around him, bringing faster cooldowns, mana regeneration, and extra movement speed.

Overall, his skill set seems complete enough, though I've noticed a serious boringness in his play style. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets forgotten faster than Shellshock and Ichor combined.

The Warchief realized his lack of originality and fainted.



A while ago Frostburn decided that Nullfire Blade was too effective for certain heroes like Night Hound, so they removed the self-purging capabilities of it. It was actually a nice change in my opinion, since the item became a must have for certain heroes otherwise.

Yet, after a few weeks, Frostburn decided that the blade didn't have enough punishments, so they nerfed it again to completely remove its activation ability. But hey, they increased the mana burn, hooray!

It was obvious for everyone that Nullfire Blade became a trash item instantly, so nobody except a Master of Arms on steroids would buy it. It seems that not even the people in charge did it, because the latest patch somehow corrected this behavior, and now the item can be activated again, except that this time only slows down its enemies.

For all your purge needs there's a new item called Sand Scepter, quite expensive and more aimed at supports. You won't see it very much except against certain heroes like Martyr or Monarch, who requires extreme dispelling in order to kill.

A couple of other items were changed, like Lex Talionis and Soultrap, but it would be much easier if you just read the patch notes.


The last change I would like to mention is the new banning phase. Now, instead of that hidden ban crap, each first player (blue or pink) take turns to ban their heroes of preference.

Say goodbye to those stupid double bans to Rampage, now you can actually know beforehand what your enemy is banning, and choose accordingly.

That's all for today folks. Back to the lands of Newerth for me...

I hope I see you all there!

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