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The day has finally come! 4.1.0 arrived in Heroes of Newerth, and with it, the beginning of a new Season. There has been a lot of interesting changes, so let's discuss them here, shall we?


At this point I'm just going to believe that they do these kind of things on purpose, like if they're trying to invent a new meme or something. With the latest patch, Gemini was broken… again.

This time he became some kind of immortal dog who can just push everything and be untouchable - even the towers were unable to attack him. Fortunately, I can say that the guys at Frostburn did learned this time, because a few hours after the patch launched, they already hotfixed the situation by putting Gemini in the banned list. The following day, the problem was solved altogether, but damn… how could be that nobody noticed that? Specially with a hero with a past history of bugs.

Check the official thread about this issue right here.

Nothing like remembering the past to learn from our own mistakes.

Bramble stomping on everyone with the 20 stacks buff

in this funny montage. Its a must watch!


As usual, the most controversial part of the patch is the balance section. A lot of heroes have been retouched, while some of them have been reworked entirely. For example, Bramble is now more oriented to healing and boosting her team, and Cthuluphant has been transformed into a Legionnaire wannabe. Others have been nerfed to reduce their utility in games, like Sir Benzington, Bombardier, and, thankfully, Klanx, who can no longer fly all day without having his arms tired.

On the other hand, a couple of changes have brought some hot discussions. Magebane's ultimate has been tweaked to be more powerful but single target only, and Master of the Mantra now gives him Magic Armor, instead of activating Flash as before. Pyromancer now has an insane range on his Phoenix Wave, but he can't do DoT damage anymore with Fervor, therefore he's been a very common pick in the past few days due to his excellent harassing potential and massive control of the middle lane.

Also, a lot of items received upgrades, and there's a couple of new ones. The main change here has been the fact that now the concept of Attack Modifiers has been removed, making you able to use, for example, a Shielbreaker and a Harkon's Blade at the same time. So far there hasn't been reports of people exploiting some broken mechanic, but we'll have to wait to see.

Oh, and the best tweak of all: Minor Totems now cost 50 gold instead of 53. Now that's some serious shit right there!

Apart from heroes and items, there have been some other differences in the game. For example, now we have a Backdoor Protection, taken right away from other MOBAs - that means, if you try to attack a tower without creeps, it will fully regenerate almost instantly. This could be taken as a good change for some, and a removal of a bunch of strategies for others. Let me explain…

In one hand, you no longer have that constant fear in your ass when playing against War Beast, who can just get a Puzzlebox and take down one of your towers faster than you can say "OMG I REPORT U!!!1" in all chat. On the other hand, that means that some original - and usually ineffective - strategies are no longer available, like pushing like mad with Wild Soul or Deadlift, for example.

You can decide if you like it or not, but personally, I prefer the old system. I believe that taking options away is always bad for the game, because it removes creativity and just dumb it down to a staple, straightforward match with always the same strategies involved. Just take a look at World of Warcraft with their constant pruning and you'll understand. Don't worry, I'll talk about that some day.

The last change I want to point out is the increase in the gold per minute. Before it was 69, now it's 100 - that means, you'll receive more gold for doing nothing. Is this bad? Well, after much thought, I've come to a conclusion: this is healthier for the game. While not very noticeable in carry players, supports will quickly find out that they will be able to afford their wards and other stuff much easier.

Why this is healthier? Because the support role is definitely the hardest yet the less rewarding, therefore not many people are willing to do it, let alone with a good performance. So this tweak is surely going to bring more players to help their teammates, and that's good, because it means a lot of forgotten heroes will see more play, while the usually picked will be less chosen. Hooray for strategy diversity!


Last time I talked about the Seasons and how a lot of people just exploited broken heroes to climb very fast to the higher ranks, just to get stomped into the ground by truly experienced players. With the arrival of 4.1.0, this has changed. Frostburn added a bigger compression to the ranks, meaning that a lot of inflated players went back to Gold or even Silver rank, slapping them in the face with a big club of reality.

While a lot of gamers are furious about this, you'll notice that only those who believed they were great players are making threads in the forums, while the others who knew how good they were, are just climbing back to their original ranks. As it was in the beginning, the golden rule applies once again: "If you belong in a bracket, you'll get there eventually".

Dem rewards for the third Season.


This is the 7th anniversary of HoN, and there's a lot of rewards for the players, so make sure to log in and claim yours. I'm glad to say this time that Frostburn is listening, for once.

Of course, the amount of changes are too big to discover them all in one single article, so I'll invite you to check the patch notes right here and, if you feel the need, share your own thoughts about them!

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