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The new Hearthstone expansion has been launched today, and if you're like me, then you'll probably be totally oblivious to anything related to it. I have no clue which cards are introduced, nor the mechanics involved. So, here I bring to you the opening of 84 packs for your enjoyment, which will also let us learn all about the Journey to Un'Goro.

So, wanna join me or not??

The quality is terribad, I know.

I forgot to change it and then I was all like "OMG LET ME DO IT AGAIN!!1"


As soon as the game starts, you'll be informed that some cards are being moved away from the Standard play in order to be forgotten in Wild. They're the following:

* Ice Lance: remember Ice Mage? Yeah, never mind...

* Conceal: what, no more impossible to stop 8/8 Edwin at turn 2? That's... awesome!

* Power Overwhelming: most mindless and effective card ever. I'm glad its gone.

* Captain's Parrot: I assume this is gone due t othe insane amount of new beast cards around, because otherwise I've never seen it being played before. Like, ever.

* Old Murk-Eye: again, I think this is gone due to the amount of new cheap murlocs that came with Un'Goro.

* Azure Drake: a must in every deck for many years, and probably the best designed card ever. It was so good that made the entire 5 mana slot look like crap. I guess that removing it was easier than design better ones.

* Elite Tauren Chieftain: uhm... who?

* Gelbin Mekkatorque: I liked him in the Legion cinematic. Oh, he was in Hearthstone too???

* Sylvanas Windrunner:an awesome card that worked both offensive and defensive, it required a lot of strategy to make it really work. That means, take it away, thinking is hard.

* Ragnaros the Firelord:I don't even want to know why they removed Ragnaros. Probably the most iconic legendary in the game, during Classic everybody and their moms had him in their decks.


The first thing I've noticed after opening those packs is that the artwork in the cards is terrible. I don't know, maybe is just me, but those drawings look... childish. Most of the dinosaurs have cute faces and stupid expressions, and the colors are out of control - there's so much green and pink that my eyes are probably going to bleed. Even the Warlock cards scream in agonizing yellows and greens, it's terrible. I know it's a jungle but come on...

Well anyway, if you look at the video, you'll notice a couple of strange abilities in some minions. The first one and more common is Adapt. This is similar to the Discover mechanic, but it lets you choose from a pool of three affixes, from a total of ten. Considering how many cards with Adapt are currently, and that the buffs can stack up to five times, this could bring a lot of much needed diversity to the game. The affixes are the following:

Crackling Shield: Divine Shield

Flaming Claws: +3 Attack

Living Spores: Deathrattle: Summon two 1/1 Plants

Lightning Speed: Windfury

Liquid Membrane: Can't be targeted by spells or Hero Powers

Massive: Taunt

Volcanic Might: 1+1

Rocky Caparece: +3 Health

Shrouding Mist: Stealth until your next turn

Poison Spit: Poisonous


The Adapt mechanic at work.

Adapt, evolve, become.

Another legendary I've got (twice, actually) was a Quest called Unite the Murlocs. When you get this card in your deck, it will always be in your opening hand (you can mulligan it though), and after activating it, you'll get an icon similar to a secret above your hero. When you fulfill the requisites of the quest, you get your reward: a super strong card that you won't get anywhere else.

Have in mind, the Quest costs 1 mana, so it could mean a loss of tempo in some decks.

Megafin is some form of murloc deity who doesn't

give a damn about how mana works in this game.

Finally, a new tribe has been added, Elemental, which works also with other tribes in the form of "If you played an Elemental last turn...". Also, since most of the new minions are Beasts, this could mean a new age for hunters everywhere. Time will tell.

For now, I'll be making some decks and try some games.

I'll be here soon to show you some of my weird experiments!

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