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Shroud of the Avatar - My Journey to New Britannia (Part II)

As promised, here's my conclusion to my last week's article about Shroud of the Avatar. If you read it, then you're already aware of the sandbox nature of the game, which only improves further. Let me explain…



I wanted to make a quick comment about this in my last article but I kind of forgot. The music in the game is just beautiful, and it will bring you back memories long time forgotten. The sound effects are realistic and spot on, and you'll be trapped in your environment quite often.

Just listen to this song and tell me it isn't just as charming

as the legendary "Stones" from the Ultima Saga.


Yeah, forget about enormous weapons that are impossible to handle, or shoulder pads bigger than

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Shroud of the Avatar - My Journey to New Britannia (Part I)

Last week I've talked about the recently launched free trial for Shroud of the Avatar, so I decided to try it out. Let me start by saying that this game isn't for everybody, but in a good way.

Since the main idea is to handle this product as the spiritual successor to Ultima and Ultima Online, the niche group of players will basically be the same. But let me tell you, they really accomplished that goal, because it feels exactly like those games, just with an updated engine.


The first thing you have to do is create your character. You have this wide array of noses and cheekbones to chose from, which I always considered a complete waste of time and resources since you're going to watch your character's ass all the time anyways. Although in SotA, every time you talk to s

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Shroud of the Avatar - Free Trial Announced!


...a little story of my childhood…

The year: 1996. For me, it was the first time using a computer, a brand new (and quite expensive) thing at the time, especially in my country. With the Sound Blaster sound card came a cd with a bunch of games on it, including both Ultima Underworld and Ultima VII, among others.

When I tried Ultima VII: The Black Gate, I instantly knew that the game in front of my eyes was something ahead of its time. And to this day, I still consider it. No other RPG managed to capture a world in such a realistic and detailed way, ever.

Ultima Online was one of the first online games I played, and I'm still fond of it. While I can't force myself to play it currently, since it hasn't aged well in my eyes, I still consider it the best sandbox MMO out there, and with

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Heroes of Newerth - The Warchief Arrives!

Last Tuesday, the latest patch in Heroes of Newerth showed up, and with it, a new hero, alongside a bunch of balance changes and the usual awful avatars for your delightfulness.

Take a few minutes of your life to check out these nice features…

I can't even imagine how annoying it must be

to make that massive braid every day.



Imagine for a moment that old Tauren Chieftain from the original Defense of the Ancients map. Now, transmute him into a human, and add a bunch of abilities taken right from the Shaman from World of Warcraft. Presto, you have a new character for HoN! Phew, they're going to need a break after that much effort.

Creativity aside, the hero is certainly a fresh new addition, because he's Intelligence and can work as a carry, ganker, suic

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Heroes of Newerth - Patch 4.1.0 is Here!

The day has finally come! 4.1.0 arrived in Heroes of Newerth, and with it, the beginning of a new Season. There has been a lot of interesting changes, so let's discuss them here, shall we?


At this point I'm just going to believe that they do these kind of things on purpose, like if they're trying to invent a new meme or something. With the latest patch, Gemini was broken… again.

This time he became some kind of immortal dog who can just push everything and be untouchable - even the towers were unable to attack him. Fortunately, I can say that the guys at Frostburn did learned this time, because a few hours after the patch launched, they already hotfixed the situation by putting Gemini in the banned list. The following day, the problem was solved altogether,

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Heroes of Newerth - The End of a Season

A few days ago the 2nd season of HoN came to an end, and a bunch of rewards have been delivered to those who achieved the most. Also, the latest patch brought a couple of much needed balance changes, like small nerfs to Nitro, Soulstealer, and the commonly banned Sir Benzington, who became quite popular after HoN 4.0.

Congratulations, enjoy your Nymphora avatar!

But I don't like that hero...


In a previous article I talked about the overhaul that Frostburn brought to the game. But, alas, they also made a lot of mistakes over their time in charge, mainly in the balance department.

So let's recapitulate them, and also discuss the Season… uuhh… thing.

Talking about balance in Heroes of Newerth

can be summed up in one animated image.


A long time

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Cloud Pirates - Jack Sparrow Meets Spock


Recently, a newly released game caught my attention. It's called Cloud Pirates, and went out of beta last week. Since it's free to play I gave it a shot, as usual, completely oblivious about what would I find there. To my surprise, I… sorry, this isn't easy for me… I actually enjoyed playing it!

So come with me in this journey of grog, flying ships, and space scurvy...



After checking the main menu and playing the tutorial, I discovered, to my enjoyment, that Cloud Pirates is an action MOBA, and extremely similar to one I've played before called Panzar: Forged in Chaos. And when I say similar it is because they're pretty much the same exact game, but with different aesthetics, that's all. I'll get to that later…

The game consist of quick matches in which yo

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Hearthstone - The Secret of Playing a Secret Mage

You start a game and you'll probably face extremely, mindless aggressive Warriors or Shamans, boring Jade Druids, or the yawn fest that are Dragon and Miracle Priests. Even worse, with the new Journey to Un'Goro expansion, Crystal Rogues and Taunt Warriors are the norm, and most of the times the frustration of playing against them really sets in. Yeah, it gets old pretty fast, but a lot of times building a deck can be problematic, and trying it against the same decks over and over again becomes a chore.

Here, I bring you an uncommon deck, the Secret Mage. While it's not totally rare, you won't see it that much, and this is supported by the fact that almost nobody runs Eater of Secrets. Journey to Un'Goro changed this a little with the addition of new and interesting cards to help the d

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Hearthstone - The Journey to Un'Goro Begins!


The new Hearthstone expansion has been launched today, and if you're like me, then you'll probably be totally oblivious to anything related to it. I have no clue which cards are introduced, nor the mechanics involved. So, here I bring to you the opening of 84 packs for your enjoyment, which will also let us learn all about the Journey to Un'Goro.

So, wanna join me or not??

The quality is terribad, I know.

I forgot to change it and then I was all like "OMG LET ME DO IT AGAIN!!1"


As soon as the game starts, you'll be informed that some cards are being moved away from the Standard play in order to be forgotten in Wild. They're the following:

* Ice Lance: remember Ice Mage? Yeah, never mind...

* Conceal: what, no more impossible to stop 8/8 Edwin at turn 2? That's... awesome!

* Po

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Diablo III - Patch 2.5.0 is Here!


Today, a new patch for Diablo III has arrived, and with it, an amount of QoL changes. Yep, the game play is pretty much the same, you're going to do the same exact stuff that you always did, over and over again. But this time, we have a couple of things to make it less annoying! Hooray!


Well, since they're bringing Diablo to WoW, I don't see why they can't do the opposite. Don't get me wrong, I actually love this system, and it encourages the player to try different builds without having to break their heads against a wall every time they want to do it.

The armory works like this: you have a wardrobe right next to your stash which lets you save up to five builds, which includes gear, skills, runes, and Kanai powers. You save your current status in one

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