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Revelation Online has entered open beta on 19th June and like most of the Chinese games there is no ip block. There are 6 classes available for you to choose, Blader,Gunner,Elementalist,Necromancer,Paladin and Summoner with no gender lock. An interesting feture of Revelations Online is that you get to choose how exactly you want to play the game,you can go with the classic tab targeting and point to move system,with the more action style moving with wasd keys and attacking with left and right mouse buttons or stand somewhere between these two play styles. Personally I prefer the action rpg style and with that option the gameplay is pretty similar to Blade & Soul,you run around avoiding enemy's attacks while spamming skills. I leveled up two classes,a Blader to level 30 and a Necromancer to level 25,the gameplay between these two is pretty different.

What I didn't like about Revelation was that you spend more time running around delivering quests,interacting with objects and watching cut scenes than fighting,things are getting better after you enter the first solo dungeon of the game at level 20. Also if you are not playing from Asia or you don't have a VPN lag is there,there are times that the game plays smooth but also times you will have 2 seconds delay.

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