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Nioh is an action rpg set in a demon-infested Japan in the age of samurais. The game looks and plays a lot like the Dark Souls franchise. Each enemy is a challenge and can cost you your life if you are not careful. Every time you attack,block or dodge you consume stamina so you will have to manage your stamina during each fight. Defeating enemies will grant you Amrita witch is used to upgrade your attributes and learn new skills .In order to do that you have to reach one of the altars that are also the check points of the game. When you die you drop all your Amrita and you have to make your way back to your corpse in order not to loose them. Your hero has three different stances and each one of them has a different set of moves.

Nioh will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive and the beta will be available this August while we are waiting its release later this year.

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